Start trading bets rather than just placing them

Everyone who has a bet on a regular basis these days does so online. It makes a lot of sense – you get the best odds available and there is a myriad of different betting sites that you can choose to have an account with. If you like the idea of laying or accepting other people’s bets, then you’re probably already using a betting exchange where there is no bookie as such.

But what if you want to move into betting trading and don’t have masses of time to spend on it? Bet trading works on a similar principle to stock or share trading. You’re not necessarily interested in the outcome of specific sporting fixtures or events – you’re more interested in the profit you can make in trading on the betting market associated with those sports and events. So, for example, you might place multiple bets on the chances of different tennis players in the upcoming Grand Slams in Paris at Roland Garros in May and then at Wimbledon in June. Tennis may not be your favourite sport, but that doesn’t stop you trading bets in it.

By trading bets, you can profit off of Rafal Nadal's play without actively sweating him
tzb_cclogo  by  Carine06  Nadal plans to use Queen’s as a warm-up for Wimbledon this year.

The trouble with having lots of bets running at once is that it’s not always easy to keep an eye on different markets. You have to switch between screens and the seconds between each screen loading could cost you dearly in a high activity market. But the good news for wannabe bet traders is that there’s now an easy way to keep an eye on multiple markets and enjoy the benefits of one-click betting If you download a betfair sports trading app, such as Geek’s Toy, TheBetEngine or Bet Angel, you can have a number of markets visible on the same screen and be able to adjust your bets accordingly. You can do this safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the most rapid refresh rates available on live data. For example, you could have followed live date from Chelsea’s win over Manchester United last weekend.

Moving into bet trading maybe something you’re hesitant about, but by using a trading app you can test out your new betting system in simulation mode – which means you don’t put any real money at risk. Then, when you’ve proved your system to yourself, you can switch to real money betting at any time. Of course, proving your system doesn’t guarantee that you’ll always make a profit – with betting, you have to be ready to take the rough with the smooth, and accept you’ll have losses as well as wins. That’s why the simulation mode is so useful on the betting apps – it allows you to see where your choices would have led you.

Backing Arsenal in the FA Cup could be your own cause for celebration!

Most of the trading apps are available on a free trial basis before you sign up to the subscription, and this is definitely worth doing. That way you can make sure that you’ve got the best app for the markets you’re most interested in. Most of the apps cover all betting markets but some are more aligned with specialist betting markets such as racing or football.

Whatever betting you’re interested in, you’ll find that there’s a bet trading app out there to suit you.