Many Financial Sector Careers are More Exciting Than You Think

Men and women seeking engaging, adventurous careers are unlikely to consider the financial services sector. Nothing conjures up images of cubicles and a predictable, procedural workload like hearing about “investments,” “insurance,” and “lending.” However, employment opportunities in these services are not all office based and destined to be dull. Many allow for meeting new people, traveling to faraway places, thinking creatively, and even doing some detective work.

Such exciting careers in the financial services sector are as follows:


Loan Officer

The responsibilities of a loan officer involve meeting new people on a daily basis. These men and women are in need of financing to make dreams come true, and loan officers process their credentials to determine what borrowing options are available. Companies such as Eagle Home Mortgage are in need of mortgage loan officers in budding branches across the country, giving candidates the chance to relocate to a new and exciting location. In fact, such growing businesses in the financial services sector are ideal for men and women with an itch to relocate every few years, as demand for helping establish new branches will continue into the future.

Fraud Investigator

Who doesn’t want the easy money? Making fast cash can be done honestly, but sometimes people can’t resist less legitimate ways to generate quick income. In situations where people attempt to embezzle or otherwise defraud financial institutions, the victimized entities prefer to handle the matter in-house. Therefore many will employ fraud investigators to get to the bottom of suspected scams and other malfeasance. The job of an investigator often involves traveling and meeting new people in an attempt to tease the truth to the surface. It’s certainly a line of work full of surprises – but also demands lots of time and energy.


Similar to an investigator, auditors are on the prowl for any unusual financial activity and mismatched figures. However, an auditor is more likely to be behind a desk in the office than behind the wheel in the field. It’s a good career move for folks looking for the experience necessary to become a fraud investigator in public service settings. However, note the path of public service is often low paying.


A financial analyst is someone who examines trends in stocks, bonds, and other investments in order to provide an institution with a reasonably accurate forecast for the future. They recommend how entities ought to best utilize their capital given the many market variables changing from quarter to quarter. Though another job which is very much desk bound, financial analysts are also tasked with going out into the world to visit companies for an up close look at their operations and potential.


Insurance underwriting involves deciding whether a policy can be provided for a given activity, business, individual, or item. It often requires the underwriter to travel in order to examine the environment wherein the insured will be, to assess risk and calculate costs. The best candidates for insurance underwriting are men and women with excellent attention to detail and a willingness to go out into the world.

Truth be told, the financial services sector has its fair share of tedious, lackluster career choices. Hardly the sorts of jobs preferred by self-professed nomads. However, these attributes don’t apply to every financial services profession. Some, as the several listed in this article show, provide men and women with the opportunity to see fresh faces and explore new places on a regular basis.