Best Android Apps of the Month: August 2017

What are the Best Android Apps for August 2017?

Keeping up to date with new apps when you don’t have a guide on what’s trending in the app world is difficult. Browsing the Google Play Store with nothing specific in mind is inconvenient. Below is one of the best Android apps for the month of August.


Dolphin browser is one of the best internet browsers for Android phones. The app has incredibly fast loading speed for great browsing performance. It comes with great features such as flash player, multiple tabs bar, AdBlocker, personalized search, private browsing, sonar, sync and fast download. Dolphin browser has access to add-ons such as PDF converter, translator, dolphin battery saver and much more.

Flash player

It gives you the best gaming and HD video streaming experience on the Dolphin browser. In addition, you can watch videos from Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and among other video websites. Even online casino run smoother when played on the browser.

Multiple Tabs Bar

Open a number of tabs at the same time, switch from tab to tab by swiping. It brings browsing on a mobile browser closer to PC browser. At least when it comes to opening tabs.


Pop ups are a nuisance to a lot of web users but with the Dolphin browser, you can never see them again. It blocks pop-up ads, ad-videos, and banners.

Personalized search

Experience web searches that are tailored specifically for you. Use the search engine of your choice. You can easily switch search engines with Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Baidu and much more. Many onlinepokies players personalize their search engines.

Private browsing

The browser is more secure and gives you all the privacy. You can search anything without leaving any historical data.


This feature gives you an actual browser you can talk to. Use voice command to search for anything, share on your social media, and bookmark favourite websites without typing a word.

Fast Download

Download content from the internet faster than on other browsers. This is the feature that makes the browser head and shoulders above the rest.