Best sports to bet on

photo by CC user Johntex on wikimedia

Modern-day sports betting now covers so many markets across the world that it is often difficult to know what to bet on.

Online bookmakers all offer the staple sports such as football, tennis, golf and racing. But the bigger ones may also provide odds for volleyball, darts, snooker… even chess!

Betting on sports may be a little daunting if you’re new to the community but don’t worry, many bookmakers have introductory guides so you can ease into the game. One of the best ways to do this without a guide is to make use of free bets.

When you sign up for a sports betting account you’ll often get a free bonus bet and that is a great place to start. Football is perfect if you’re new to betting because it’s easy to understand and a goal makes a big difference. Unlike cricket or baseball, where a single run can be meaningless in the wider context of the match, a goal in football can totally change the result and therefore the odds.

Betting on football is a great way to introduce yourself to the intricacies of fluctuating odds. Plus it’s exciting!

Other great sports to bet on are NFL and rugby. Somewhat like football, touchdowns and tries are pivotal moments and that makes the result easier to predict when you bet in play. The great thing about NFL in particular is that you have time to make those big decisions because of the numerous stoppages.

Now, if you’re a more patient sort of gamer then cricket and tennis are the sports for you. Here, momentum is key to winning matches and so small, regular bets over the course of hours can build your potential profit into something far greater than you would generate watching one football game.

Of course, don’t bet on tennis if you don’t actually like it! What would be the point of that? For the best thing about sports betting is that it’s a great excuse to watch the games we love.

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Unibet have won several awards including eGaming review sports betting operator and Live operator of the year. You can sign up to Unibet for free and even play certain games for free until you feel ready deposit and play for real money. They offer a wide range of bonuses and sign up offers to new and existing customers and well as a number of Apps. The sports betting apps include, Unibet Sports Betting, Football Stats Centre, Sports TV Guide and Tennis Live Score. They also have a number of well established casino apps and a Poker App.

With all the choice available to you and all the amazing ways to make money from them, any sports can be the best sports to bet on.