Beer or Ale? And Where to Find Tasty Beverages in Manchester

Beer or Ale And Where to Find Tasty Beverages

Some people may wonder if the glass is full of beer or ale? Some people may not care whether the glass contains beer or ale, and just drink what is in the glass. So, is there a difference between beer and ale? If so, what is it, exactly? And when visiting different English pubs in Manchester, where’s the best place to get the tastiest beer or ale?

The Difference Between Beer and Ale

Both are made using barley but the main difference between these two drinks is believed to be the way in which the beverage is brewed and how the yeast ferments. For instance, beer is known as being a fermented drink that is made from grains and yeast and is referred to as a lager. Beer is fermented at a lower temperature and the yeast gathers at the bottom. Ale is considered to be a type of beer that is brewed without hops and at a higher temperature.  Because of this, the yeast in ale will rise to the top and has a frost at the top. There is a significant difference in taste between beer and lager. Ale has a stronger bold flavor where as a lager beer has a mild crisp and light flavor.

Thirsty? Places You Should Consider Visiting for Great Drinks in Manchester

Take a look at the following venues when trying to choose where to go for a great pint. Though beer can be bought in almost any restaurant or pub, you might find the suggestions below to be fun venue to check out.

Bar Fringe

Do you like a side of music with your beer? If so, then consider stopping at Bar Fringe at 8 Swan St, Manchester M4 5JN. This venue is noted for having a highly diverse jukebox. Other incentives to visiting the Belgian-style bar include its strong continental ales, beer garden, and fun bar staff.

The New Oxford

Perhaps you’re looking for something smaller, more quant. Though little bar at 11 Bexley Square, Salford, Greater Manchester M3 6DB packs a crowd and has become quite known and popular. If you schedule your visit during a regular beer festival such as the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival, then you’ll find yourself choosing from an additional list of even more beverages. However, continental bottles and hand-pulled cask ales are always available.

Many great hotels and hostels can be found near bars such as Bar Fringe and The New Oxford.  Maybe you’d enjoy staying over in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for a place to spend the night at, then consider making a reservation at Crowne Plaza Hotel.

More Places to Drink At in Manchester

Of course, there are other places available that serve refreshing beer and offer great entertainment. The Kings Arms at 11 Bloom St, Salford M3 6AN is famous for not only being a pub, but also a cultural hub. More than drinking takes place in this hot spot, including knitting nights, film nights, plays and more.

The Marble Arch is noted for being a town favorite. Brewed on site at 73 Rochdale Road Manchester, Greater Manchester M4 4HY, the Marble Arch offers a long list of Marble beers that are available for ordering all day long. However, in order to find this 120-year-old pub, you’ll have to go off path between the Northern and Green Quarters.

Whether you’re drinking with friends, family members, or just craving a solo night of fun and beer, there are plenty of avenue to choose from. Find a beer that wets your appetite, and always drink responsibly.

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