Sitges: Small, Rich and Stunning

They say people with Latin blood in their veins know beauty and harmony better than others. While this may not be necessarily true, as many other nations that don’t have Latin ancestry are extremely good with creating beauty, there are things that make Latin-blooded people and their creation different than other people out there. There is permanent warmth in the great spots spread throughout Italy, Spain and France. There is a certain level of comfort and welcoming air that attracts thousands and thousands of tourists every year.


Sitges (Creative commons)
Sitges (Creative commons)

Small-Town Spain: Torn From the Heavens, Brought for the Mortals

If you want to go to Spain this year, then do take Sitges into consideration. Everything here is stunning and not only when it comes to the man-made landscape, but also when it comes to the natural one. It seems that even Mother Nature takes Sitges’ side because it has offered this town some marvellous jewels indeed. Book one of the apartments in Sitges and allow yourself to have every inch of your body pampered in an infusion of beauty because this is truly one of those places on Earth that are unforgettable.

Why Sitges?

If you decide to book one of the apartments in Sitges, you will see “why”. Well, there are countless reasons for which Sitges is definitely worth the effort. They don’t call it the “Saint Tropez of Spain” for no reason!

Sitges is situated close to one of the most marvellous and spectacular spots in Spain: Parc Natural del Garraf. This is a place where the greens and the natural landscape really come together to create a relaxing and heart-warming touristic attractions for people from all over the world.

Sitges (Creative commons)
Sitges (Creative commons)

Even more, Sitges is situated close to Barcelona as well, so if you want to spend an extended holiday here, there is absolutely no chance in the world you will ever get bored because for 30 minutes spent in the car, you will be rewarded with the best of what Spain has to offer.

Last, but definitely not least, Sitges itself may be small and its population may be little over 27,500, but the truth is that it has its own richness and warmth: the sea, the natural landscape, the beauty and the events held here are just some of the things that will make you want to stay forever in this small town of Spain.

Do come here during the Carnival – Fat Thursday – or during the Film Festival and you will truly step into a world of greatness, fame, beauty and colour that will steal your heart away!