January – the month of the bizarre holiday

January Sales

We all know how rubbish the ‘January Blues’ can be. Everyone seems to be stuck inside through either having no cash or the incredibly bitter weather, plus with the excitement of Christmas over, what is there to look forward to – other than a new healthy eating and exercise regime?!

Aside from the January sales full of ladies clothing at a bargain price, how else can you ensure you beat the blues this January? Well, it might be easier than you think – January is riddled with some of the most bizarre national days that could brighten up even the most post-Christmas deflated individual! Let’s take a look at some of these days…

January 12 is… “Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day”

Yep, that’s right ladies! The 12th January celebrates nothing more and nothing less than, well, er – sexy men. There isn’t too much background on the origin of this day, although some have linked it back to Dionysus, the Ancient Greek God of wine and fertility. Dionysian Festivals were held in Ancient Greece during the month of January, and aimed to stir up excitement and energy after the cold, lethargic winter months. Essentially, it’s a chance for all the ladies to have a totally acceptable ogle at lots of gorgeous men. January blues, who are you?!

January 9 is… “Play God Day”

The ethos behind this quite frankly, weird, national day, is to ask yourself the question – if you were the omnipotent deity for a day, what would you do? What would you change? Ok, so we’d probably all go for something either a little bit selfish (more money, a nicer car), or something so earthly and altruistic (like eradicate all suffering in the world)… but huge gestures aside, it’s actually quite a good way to help you seriously reassess your new year’s resolutions – what is there that you could do to make your life a bit better this year?

Bengal cat by alexanderino

January 22 is…. “National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day”

Ok, so this one is more than just a little bit weird. But whatever. Answer your cat day stems from the association with curiosity and our feline friends. Cats, apparently, have a tendency to just look at you, no matter what you ask them, if you play with them, feed them or stroke them? Answer your cat’s question day simply involves just that – January 22 is the day in which curiosity will not kill the cat!

There you are – lots of crazy ways to keep you content through the winter blues!