Beauty Claims – How to Claim for Compensation for Injuries Sustained at a Beauty Salon

Suffered an injury at the salon? Knowing how to file Beauty Claims can put a smile back on your face

If you suffer an injury or damage to your skin or hair while undergoing a treatment at a beauty salon, spa, or even while receiving a beauty treatment in your own home, you may be able to make a claim for compensation if the practitioner was at fault and it can be proven that this resulted in your injury.

Beauty claims for compensation are quite common, but not necessarily straightforward as you might think; here’s what you need to know in order to make a successful claim.

Reporting the incident

If you suffer an injury then don’t simply make light of it – speak to the practitioner or the manger of the establishment and register your complaint and the details of what happened. Seek any necessary medical attention as soon as possible and make sure the doctor details the nature and cause of the injury, and obtain a copy of the medical report.

Inform the manager of the beauty salon or the practitioner that you intend to make a claim for compensation and obtain the name of their insurance company. If the salon is a corporate chain, then expect to deal with someone from their corporate legal department.


If possible, obtain the details of any witnesses present who saw what occurred. This will help support your claim against the insurance company. An independent witness is a valuable asset to have on your side when it comes to negotiating a claim settlement. Get them to provide a written statement of everything they saw and heard before, during and following the incident.

Photographic evidence

Use your phone camera to document any evidence related to the incident; this might be a wet or slippery floor, instruments used during the treatment, and also the damage suffered by your hair or skin. Recorded statements by the manager or beauty practitioner are admissible in court, and if you record their apology or explanation for the incident it may actually make your case for compensation stronger.

Loss of income, out-of-pocket-expenses, and medical expenses

Maintain a record of all visits to the doctor, dermatologist or other medical consultants involved in your treatment for the injury, along with expenses and all medical bills associated with such visits and treatment or therapy. You should ensure that the medical record details the nature and extent of your injuries – as well as the cause and the prognosis for the condition. You should also keep a record of any loss of income from inability to attend work or carry out your usual business activities.

While you may think claiming for compensation is a straightforward action – experts such as advise consulting with a claims expert who has experience of such cases to ensure that you stand the best possible chance of a successful outcome.