Are You a Start-Up Enterprise? Why it’s a Better Option to Hire Rather Than Buy Your Equipment

A lot of equipment is required to make something out of nothing – it’s in the nature of construction that a lot of work needs to be done, work that is often specialised and needs a lot of various types of machinery. To the start-up company, or to the company that handles a lot of different work, this presents a logistical problem: the need for equipment and the problem of acquiring it. Luckily, there are many companies out there that rent out equipment, and it’s no surprise they are popular. There are too many advantages not to consider them. Are you a start-up enterprise? Here’s why it’s a better option to hire rather than to buy your equipment.



The Cost

Equipment can cost a lot – it can make a serious dent in your business savings account and can tie up your cash flow for many years to come. It seems like a silly exercise if you only need the machinery for a couple of weeks. What’s the point of that? Even if you foresee using the equipment multiple times in the coming years, there’s sure to be a lot of downtime. By renting, you have much better control of your cash flow and are able to put your resources where they matter most: building your business.

Various Jobs

There are various tools to use when doing a job; you want to use the equipment that suits the work to be done best. By renting, you always get what you need – nothing more and nothing less; a specific tool for a specific job.

More Benefits

Think about the other advantages:

  • Expertise and advice
  • Trained operators
  • Maintenance taken care of

It’s About Cash Flow and Reducing Risk

Cash flow is important – but so is the concept of keeping risk to a minimum. When you buy, you own it – and are responsible for it. By renting, you avoid a lot of responsibility in the long term; hence, much less risk for your enterprise, as attested to by plant hire Lancashire specialists like Ruttle.

Here are some extra advantages of hiring the equipment rather than purchasing it outright – that most people don’t think about. Companies that have equipment for hire have many contacts, and they are more than happy to make recommendations if they feel it will offer a solution to your problem. We’re talking about expertise regarding a particular job to be done, material suppliers for specific construction, transportation and logistical partners, and so much more. You don’t just get to use machinery in a financially sound manner; you also get to take advantage of benefits that cannot be written down in books. You get full service – and that makes a big difference.

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