Money Saving Tips

Whether you are saving for your children’s retirement, grandkids inheritance, a vacation fund, or your own retirement; here are some money saving tips to keep your piggy bank growing.


Talk to the Pros
Just like most important things in your life, your financial well-being deserves the eye of an expert. So talk to a pro like Keith Springer to ensure you are making the right move with your money. Getting financial advise from respected and certified financial planners can be a life saver when trying to save money and having your money work for you. The days of keeping your money under your mattress are behind us, in today’s economy you should make sure your money is in safe and profitable places to ensure you are maximizing your savings.

Cut Out Small Things
You’ve all heard how much you could save by year by knocking off the daily lattes but there is a reason this is such a popular financial fact. The latte is a metaphor for a dozen things you are spending money on each day and not thinking about it. Today there are a lot of little “vampires” leeching on to your checking account. So consider doing an audit of your monthly statement and try to eliminate not essentials. Old gym memberships, unused Netflix accounts, monthly fees, are only a few of the money-suckers in your checking account. Also, take an inventory of what you spend money on each day; the morning latte is likely not the only thing; maybe you are getting unnecessary weekly carwashes, going out to lunch too frequently, or taking expensive trips to the movie theatre everything week. By cutting back on some of these expenses you could start to make a serious increase in your savings account.

Find a group of friends who are interested in saving money too, maybe for a group vacation or their own independent financial goals; the key is you are all interested in saving money. Just like people trying to lose weight or quit smoking, if likeminded people surround you it can be a motivator and keep you on track and make sure you are making the right financial calls. So find some friends, get together once a week and share you tips on saving money. You can also find fun social get together that are frugal as well as fun, no one wants to be the only cheapskate in the group!

So remember if you want to save money follow our money savings tips. Seek out the advice of professionals, cut out small expenses that making you hemorrhage money, and find a support group of financially like-minded people. If you follow these tips there is a good chance you could be meeting your financial goals in no time. So get your swim trunks ready or have you kids start applying to college because it is only a matter of time.