Which is the Right Career for Intelligent Minds

Some of us are born with the natural gift of intelligence, the ability to see things differently, to learn things with speed and to question the things around us seeking answers. It is important therefore that those of us with naturally high intelligence should seek out a career that matches our minds, the idea that someone with intelligence shouldn’t move into a career where they can excel is sad and this happens far more often than it should. If you are an intelligent person who desires success then here are some of the best careers that you should be looking at.



The role of a lawyer is incredibly important seeking out justice and defending those who’ve been accused of guilt is a noble practice and one that requires high levels of intelligence. To be a top lawyer you need to follow people like JD Dukes and head to one of the top law schools in the country, you can only do this through hard work and high grades and of course, utilizing the intelligence that you have.

Software Development

Some of the smartest brains in the World are currently working within the technology sector, this fast moving industry is shaping the World we live in and the way we conduct our lives. If your intelligence is the type which excels in computing then a role as a software developer might be for you. Software development is based in highly complicated code that you must understand and create, along with innovative design skills. Highly-skilled individuals in this field are rewarded with a high salary grade, with the salary of a software engineer annually earning hundreds of thousands of dollars on average in some cities.


One of the most difficult professions to get in to is that of a doctor, doctors need to study for almost 15 years before beginning their career and the amount of information that you must learn is incredible. Even before you begin looking into specialization as a doctor you need to be a near perfect student to reach med school, right from the beginning of your education. As a doctor you will be required to keep up to date with medical advancements and only the most intelligent people can take up this position.


Entrepreneurs are some of the most intelligent people in the World, they look to create and build businesses that can change the industries. It takes a certain type of intelligence to become an entrepreneur, you need to have a great understanding of the business world, a creative imagination to see the things that others can’t and be able to take your business from an acorn to a tree through smart decision making and hard work.


If you are intelligent then you don’t necessarily need to aim for high profile positions and huge salaries you could opt to use your intelligence to inspire and develop the minds of others through teaching. This is an incredibly noble position and the to be a great teacher you must have high levels of intelligence. There is nothing more rewarding than shaping the mind of a young student and watching them go on to success through your teachings.

You can train to teach older students in a single subject of your choosing at a high school or university, or take an early education course such as this one at Gwynedd Mercy and help shape the young minds of the future.