8 Reasons Why Aspiring Architects Should Play More Video Games

Architects Should Play More Video Games if they want to excel at their jobs

(Photo Credit: Kevin Jarrett / Flickr)

Prevailing logic would suggest that video games are a waste of time for children. Few would recommend video games to build future career skills, but perhaps that conception will change.

Increasing evidence suggests that playing video games may help develop the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in architecture. Here are eight reasons why aspiring architects should consider playing more video games.

1. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination.

Whether using an AutoCAD program or drawing plans by hand, architects need good hand-eye coordination as an architect. Nothing provides better training in this area than video game play. Most game systems require that controllers be held with two hands, which improves coordination over time.

2. Get Inspired.

One of the biggest benefits to playing video games for an aspiring architect is the inspiration that comes from the game environments themselves. Some games today offer virtual reality (VR) capability, where the player can wear a headset and be completely immersed inside a game. The intricate buildings and cities created for the ecosystems of many games serve as inspiration for both current and future architects.

3. Learn to Innovate.

Students, aspiring architects, and even professional architects use the architectural game Minecraft to create and test innovative designs. Teams build virtual cities that include wind farms and biodomes, stretching the limits of what is possible both today with a nod to the future.

4. Improve Strategic Thinking.

Video games are a great exercise in applying strategy. Playing certain types of strategy games help players develop faster reactions to situations, an ability to think critically, and problem-solving skills.

5. Develop 3D Perception.

Architects need a strong ability to visualize three-dimensional space. Playing modern video games and manipulating characters or items through a 3D space, is an incredibly lifelike experience. The experiences build 3D visualization skills.

6. Understand Building and Planning Issues.

Some video games are more tailored towards future architects than others. Games such as SimCity and Cities: Skylines help future architects understand real-world issues involved in architecture as players must navigate building and planning codes

7. Develop Your Social Skills.

Part of an architect’s job involves putting one’s head down and designing awesome buildings. However, architects must also attend meetings and speak with clients. Multiplayer video games help some introverts develop useful social skills for an architecture career.

8. Relax and Have Fun.

Pursuing a career in architecture is a worthy goal, but it can also be stressful. Those who don’t take time to unwind, often burn out pretty quickly. Gaming is a hobby architects can use to relieve stress while still engaging their mind.

Architects often place value on creative pursuits such as painting, sketching, and sculpting to develop creative processes. Similarly, those who aspire to a career in architecture might also benefit from gaming. The games can be inspiring, develop 3D perception and encourage strategic thinking, and build the qualities of a successful architect.