3 Perfect Destinations For a Luxury Holiday


The country of Oman is a land full of extraordinary surprises; soaring rugged mountain ranges, curved wadis, golden deserts and the sea. It is the legendary home of Sinbad the sailor and still retains its authentic atmosphere of dramatic landscapes littered with oases, forts and palaces that inspire exploration. It is the one place you can get to experience traditional Arabia; quite stretches of sand shaded by swaying palms and dotted by fishing boats, mud brick villages clinging to the sides of remote valleys and ancient forts.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque by Richard Bartz (Creative Commons)

Oman may be an undiscovered destination but it is intriguing with its intriguing mix of cultures and its modern luxury complexes make it an ideal destination for those seeking both the old and the new; luxury holidays in Oman have everything. In the capital city of Muscat, do not miss the stunning site of the Grand Mosque. It is a representation of all things opulent and extravagant and is home to the second largest Iranian carpet in the world.

The Muttrah Corniche souk is a place to mingle and unwind after you have had your share of the sites; there is an array of antiques ranging from hardware, textile and gold stores. You need to up your game in haggling prices here.


Namibia will never disappoint you as luxury destination, with its vast open spaces of landscapes exposed for ages to all manner of elements leading to the creation of marveling diversities. It is an arid country largely dominated by the Namib Desert after which the country is named. It is home to two great deserts, along its length the Namib desert spreads inland along the vast Atlantic coastline, in the interior the plains slope away dramatically to the north to meet the mighty Kalahari desert.

This country is sparsely populated and as you venture to explore, you will be amazed by the empty spaces and the blue skies. You can climb the world largest dunes at Sossulvei, view animals such as the desert elephant which has adapted to desert climate and enjoy game viewing in Africa’s largest national park.

On your luxury Namibian safari you can take a break in the luxurious camping lodges perched in starkly beautiful places filled with fascinating wildlife and vast landscapes.


Uzbekistan is a land where the ancient and the modern converge; located at the famed Silk Road it has a story of its own to tell. It is a melting pot of history maintaining a colorful twenty five centuries of history and still embracing the new and offering modern day luxuries in style.

Uzbekistan (Creative Commons)
Uzbekistan (Creative Commons)

Travelling across Uzbekistan in luxury reveals a country fascinating in history, cultures and religion. It is where majestic remnants of an era long forgotten still dominate the cities in an exceptional way. Expect to see forts, ancient settlements, temples and tombs in distant places away from any form of civilization. You will create memories of the soaring minarets, grandiose mosques and medrassahs, palaces and mausoleums decorated intricately with incredible ceramic ornaments. It is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the Central Asia.