3 Exciting Opportunities For a Summer Abroad


Volunteer work along the Costa Rica coastline is an exciting activity, you can get to enjoy the fabulous beaches just like on a regular summer holiday and learn the basics about conservation activities. The Costa Rican coastline has excellent sandy beaches which are nesting grounds for four species of sea turtles namely the leatherbacks, hawksbill, olive ridley and green turtles.

A female leatherback surveys the ocean at Playa Grande, Costa Rica. Photo by The Leatherback Trust.
A female leatherback surveys the ocean at Playa Grande, Costa Rica. Photo by The Leatherback Trust.

The sea turtles nesting areas are normally threatened by human activity along the beaches, which means if uncontrolled or unchecked could lead to an imbalance in the ecosystem of the region. Therefore volunteer work with the sea turtles along the beaches involves making sure that the turtles nesting areas are protected so that there is a balance in the ecosystem. Volunteer activities include collecting data along the beaches, collecting eggs in dangerous locations and placing them in protected hatching areas, protecting nesting areas and assisting in research activities. It is a worthwhile experience as you will learn a lot about conservation and will be a plus on your CV.


Camping in summer is a classic American pastime, in fact during summer many camping sites open its doors to kids from all over the world to take part in this enlightening holiday activity. Working in the summer camps located all over the country is a rewarding experience and is the perfect student summer job; aside from earning some extra cash, it gives you an opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life, sharpen your socializing skills and improve your CV.

Summer camps receive a lot of kids and they require an extra hand to help run the camps and keep the kids entertained. This is where you come in as a Camp Counsellor, Specialized Counselors and support Staff. These opportunities may involve you working directly with the kids or offering your support behind the scenes ensuring cleanliness, smooth running of office affairs or maintenance jobs around the camps.  If you have special skills in certain sports or activities, you can assist kids in your area of specification as a Special Counselor. A Camp Counselor supervises the kids and takes part in all activities and shares sleeping areas with the kids whilst a Support Staff works indirectly with the kids.


Skiing is a popular sport on the French Alps and during winter the place is crowded with ski enthusiasts from every corner of the planet. The ski chalets are always packed to the brim with groups and families seeking a piece of the ski paradise. It is during such peak seasons that ski chalets seek extra workers to help guests live in comfort in the ski resort.

Ski Chalet, France (Creative Commons)
Ski Chalet, France (Creative Commons)

Working in a ski chalet can be rewarding as you may get your flight costs covered, free accommodation is offered to you and you get to use the ski facilities. Mostly the work involves cooking meals for the guests, cleaning and ensuring that your guests are comfortable.