Why people like playing the lottery

The thrill of winning is one reason why people like playing the lottery
Photo by CC user bykst on Pixabay

To those that rarely buy a ticket, it can be hard to understand why people like playing the lottery. However, there are a number of convincing reasons to explain why folks will gladly turn over a couple of dollars, despite the difficulty of winning the big prizes in many draws.

Below, we will explain why the playing the lottery is so popular among many in our society…

They only need to be right once

If you hit all your numbers, your life changes completely. You don’t even need to match all the numbers: If you match all except for one, you still win a substantial prize which can help you solve most financial issues (helping kids with university, paying off all bills, etc).

It is a source of entertainment

The sense of anticipation that is felt when buying tickets and entering the world’s biggest lotto draws online is palpable. They sit around the television set on draw night, numbers in hand. As the balls descend from the tumblers, they wait with anticipation as the numbers printed on them are called.

Many nights are anti-climatic, but on others, they match one of their numbers, and then another is called. On these evenings, the reason they buy lottery tickets is justified by the adrenaline rush that they feel in the moment.

Somebody has to win the lottery (why not me?)

There are winners every single draw. Even if the jackpot isn’t won, there are at least a few people that win second prize for matching all but the last number.

The people that buy these tickets and win are normal people. They are hard-working individuals that stopped off at a corner store on the way home from their jobs to buy a slip of paper with 6 numbers on it. If they can win, surely the person dreaming about a lottery win must be due.

It helps the community

Most lotteries support a social cause in the jurisdictions in which they run. For many people, not only does playing the lottery give them a chance to win a cash prize, but proceeds from their losses go towards doing good in the community.

From assisting the poor to supporting educational and medical facilities, the social benefits of this form of entertainment are enough for many people to continue buying tickets even if victories only come occasionally.

It gives people something to dream about

Let’s face it: for most people, life is pretty mundane and boring. However, the lottery gives them a legitimate reason to dream about a future where a massive fortune allows their wildest dreams to come true.