What Are the Odds of Winning Slot Machine Payouts?

Slot machines have always been popular because they’re easy to play and the possibility of easy money is attractive to just about anyone. The rise of online casinos and video slots means that more and more fans get into the hobby every year.

But what are the odds of winning slot machine payouts? While many players get into slots for fun, everyone wants to win.

Slot machine probabilities can get really complicated, but there are some basic probabilities to think about, and factors that make the odds better or worse.

Your Odds Depend on Many Factors

The truth is that your general odds of winning a jackpot prize on a slot machine are not very good. After all: if it was easy, slot machines wouldn’t be one of the main income sources for casinos, bars, and other businesses around the world.

On the broadest level, your specific odds of putting in one dollar and winning a jackpot are astronomical. The probability is about on par with winning the lottery with a $1 quick pick.

On a specific level, the probability of winning with a particular game or machine depends on a few factors.

RTP Helps You Weigh Your Odds

The Return to Player is the average payout for a given game or machine. The number typically runs about 90% or more. So for every $100, the winner can theoretically expect to win back $90.

Of course, that rate is based on what happens with many spins, so it’s the rate in theory, and not necessarily in practice.

The good news is that there are a few factors that can push things into your favor just a little bit more, increasing your chances.

You Can’t Beat The Machine

If you’ve seen strategy guides for slot machines that promise to teach you how to win jackpots by finding a “hot” machine, forget them. There’s not really any such thing as a “hot” or “cold” slot machine, because the results you get are completely random. Spin count comes into play with progressive slots for payouts, but it doesn’t change the odds from one turn to another.

Instead, you should focus on what can improve your odds overall, such as choosing the right progressive slots to play.

Increase Your Odds of Winning Slot Machine Payouts by Paying More

One of the most basic ways to increase your odds of a jackpot is to increase your odds of winning. To do that, you have to move away from penny slot machines and move to slot games with a higher starting bet.

Slot machines and slot games online with $1 or more buy-in tend to provide better RTP and tend to have more combinations that provide at least some level of payout. That increases your odds of getting a jackpot prize.

Increasing your bet within the same slot game also helps, since many machines offer higher payouts for bigger bets. Instead of spending one credit at a time, maximize your wager, and your odds of a bigger payout increase.

Play The Odds The Right Way

When it comes to winning slot machine games, there are a couple of ways to improve your chances. Your odds of winning slot machine jackpots get better when you play with more money, either by choosing games with a higher buy-in, by boosting your bet, or both.

Play for fun, but definitely boost your odds by knowing the math when it comes to slot machines.