Why Web Design is losing its Soul

Everyone looks forward to going to a website that is creative and makes great use of design. You have probably spent a lot of time looking over different websites and marveled at what they have been able to do, wishing you could get the same type of innovative design on your own site. You likely have also come across many sites today that have left you less than impressed when you see them. So many websites today make use of the same look, design, color scheme and layout that it can be hard to even tell what site you are actually at any more. This idea can be pretty discouraging and it may make you wonder if CT marketing agencies and others like it have lost their way and if web design is losing its soul.

Loss of Creativity

Changes that have taken place in web design over the recent years have led many to believe that there has been a complete loss of creativity when it comes to creating websites today. So much of the focus of newer websites has turned to the use of responsive web design, a format that makes extensive uses of boxes and grids so that pages can automatically load and adjust to screen size of a particular viewer. While the concept may be great because it allows a website to load nicely and look good on devices like smartphones and tablets along with typical computer screens, it has also taken some of the originality and creativity that had gone into web design, leaving many websites to look and feel the same.

Are Stand Out Sites Gone?

The use of responsive web design to the extent that it is used today has caused the feeling that sites that stand above the others are now few and far between. While you may feel this way, the truth is that you can still find innovative and creative designs if you really want them. Just because responsive design has become more of the norm today does not mean you will not find a company or designer that can add layers of creativity to the work to provide you with the best of both worlds on your website. While it can be more of a challenge for web designers to work within this particular framework to bring some of that lost art back into web design, it can certainly be done by designers that are ready and willing to accept this type of challenge.

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