Vital Packing For Uncertain Weather

There are many locations around the World that you may be traveling to where the weather simply cannot be predicted and getting clothing ready for it can be quite a challenge. A couple of years ago I headed to Mexico City for a trip and, somewhat naively, thought that the climate would be akin to the scorching beaches and temperatures of the Mexican coast. I was very wrong about this and my shorts and t-shirt didn’t serve me very well in the daily downpour of rain or the chilly conditions each morning.

Even if you have done your research on your destination’s weather conditions, there¬†are many which very often cannot be predicted and can flit between cold and warm in a heartbeat. In order to be best prepared, here are some great tips on what clothes to put into your suitcase.


Hoodies are a great piece of clothing to take with you and although they can be quite a sizable item to pack into your case, you will certainly get the benefit form taking one. There are lots of comfortable and warm hoodies for women and men which can be picked up at great prices and a hoody can be warm in every climate with the exception of blistering heat. Hoodies have a really relaxing feel about them and they can help you out in the cold, the rain, the snow or as the sun is fading at night.

Rip-Off Pants

A great item to take with you when you go away is some rip-off pants. These pants usually have zips or buttons around the knee which allow you to instantly transform your long pants into shorts. Very often these pants are made from waterproof material and they can help you out when the rain pours or if it is cold, should the weather pick back up then simply rip away the bottom part of your pants and let the air get in. These pants are a versatile and lightweight option for you to put in your case.


Scarves have so many uses that can help you out when you go traveling, they can keep you warm, they can be used to tie up or cover your hair, you can use them to protect your face from the sun or your mouth from sand. Scarves are incredibly practical and they also make for a great fashion piece which can add a bit of color to any outfit. Fashionable and practical, scarves are the perfect option for uncertain weather conditions and better yet, they will not take up very much space in your case.


Unless you are heading somewhere with freezing temperatures then flip-flops are a great item to take away with you. Flip-flops are lightweight, flexible items to put in your case which you can wear in rain or shine. Flip-flops dry off really quickly, as does your skin and they are a far better option than getting your trainers wet. You can buy very durable flip-flops too which mean you can wear them on almost any surface too.