Tips and tricks for cleaning flooring

Now let’s face it, it’s all very well spending our hard-earned cash revamping and making our homes impeccable, but how do we best retain our investment? Once you splash out on a new interior, you’re often not in the mood to be spending more money on constant upkeep and professional cleaners, so here’s a few tips to keep your flooring looking new for longer… 

Normally cleaning the floor is the last job on your list. If this isn’t something you’ve thought of before, then there’s your first tip! Always clean your floor last, as any grime from elsewhere in the room falls onto it.

Wooden floors

Although they are hard wearing and last years, real wood flooring does need attention. Do not use a steam mop, as it can damage it over time. Either use special wooden flooring cleaner; or for a cheaper option a damp cloth dipped in brewed tea! A strange idea but it really does keep your flooring gleaming.

Don’t panic if the worst does happen. If you find yourself with a scratch or a wilful stain that won’t budge, then real wooden flooring can be sanded down, depending on the wear layer. If you think that this is something that’s more likely to happen in your home, then the greater thickness the better. They come in an array of different thicknesses, for example a flooring that was 5mm thick would be able to be sanded down up to four times. So, you have plenty of opportunity to renew it if damage does occur. However, this usually doesn’t need to be done for the first 15-20 years, so you can only imagine how long these glorious floors last!

Stay away from anything acidic such as vinegar. Natural products don’t take well to harsh chemicals, often causing them to become dull over time. If you are lucky enough to own desirable real wood flooring, then follow these tips so you’re impressing guests to your home for many years!


Laminate is a little easier going than real wood, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the same consideration. Mopping is fine with laminate, however make sure it is dry mopped as large amounts of water can damage it. Using a tennis ball to remove shoe scuffs or marks, amazingly the fibres of the ball work wonders on a laminate flooring. 


Carpets are a little trickier, as no matter how many times you drag a hoover across them there’s always dust mites lingering. But there are ways you can prevent and remove stains… 

Sounds obvious, but we wouldn’t recommend placing a carpet in areas where dirt and mud is more likely to fall. However if this is you, then place entrance matts where possible and remove shoes. Of course, preventing stains is much easier than having to get rid of them.

However, if stains do occur (which sadly, is likely to happen at some point) then soda water and salt is useful. Liquid stains such as tea or coffee, soak a cloth in soda water and place over stain, you can do this as many times as you see necessary. If the stain endures, sprinkle some salt, then vacuum away after ten minutes. 

Again, baking soda works a treat too! Place on stain and leave overnight then vacuum up. All these tips should help keep your interior looking fresh without having to spend any money.


Now vinyl is so popular in the modern age because it is so stress-free to maintain and lasts years. But it can sometimes obtain scuffs and of course does need a good clean from time to time!

Remove and scuffs with rubber, it really does work! Scrub it for a minute or two and you’ll soon see the scuff vanish. 

Make sure you’re aware of what type of finish your vinyl flooring has. Purchase the appropriate floor cleaner for each type, as the wrong product can cause damage.

Bleach, every household’s friend. If you do have a stubborn stain, then bleach might be the best option. Soak the stain in it and a bit of scrubbing should return the vinyl to its original brilliance. 

We hope these tips and tricks will help not only with keeping your house in tip top condition, but also friendlier to your wallet than having to replace things!