How To Avoid Low Morale In the Workplace

Companies around the country are noticing that they are having a serious issue with keeping good morale in the workplace. Employees are becoming more and more frustrated with their work, they are losing motivation, and any passion that they once had for their jobs is slowly slipping away. When morale slips away, employees get unhappy which leads to them not being as productive, to not giving your customer’s great service, and to having a lot of your staff walk away from their job in search of a workplace that does have the morale they are looking for. Below are the three top reasons you may be losing morale in the workplace and things you can go to, like EDCO Awards & Specialties, that will help bring more morale back into your workplace.

1.) You aren’t giving your people any incentives

If you never give your employees extra pay, bonuses, or awards to look forward too when they work or do something outstanding, then they will get into a routine and feel okay with doing work at a subpar level and never work hard to exceed expectations. You need to create constant motivation or incentives for your employees to work towards to keep them working hard and being as productive as possible. A great way to do this is to give them some benefits that they can look forward to between checks. There are things like small awards, thanking them publicly, and praising your top-employee each week that will help create morale and make people excited to do great work.

2.) You have not made your employees feel like they are part of a team

People don’t want to walk into a workplace and feel as though they are the only ones there, as though they have to depend on just themselves to get the job done. If a person works with other people in the workplace but feels inherently alone at the same time, then they will get frustrated and not work as well. Employees need to feel like they are on a team, like they have other people who have their backs and share the workload. Make sure your teammates are interacting with one another, feel the open communication among the group, and feel as though they can go to the boss and talk about any concerns they may have so you can address those concerns and make the workplace even better. Having them work as a team will keep them encouraged and excited to do their work together every day.

3.) Your employees don’t trust the leadership

Being able to trust their boss or employer is absolutely essential for your employees to feel positive and have high morale when they come to the workplace. If they don’t trust the boss, then they cannot function well and their attitudes about coming to work will be negative overall. Your employees have to be able to trust that you have their best interests in mind and are looking out for them in order to gain their trust and give them a reason to work hard for you. You can start to gain the trust of your employees and teammates by keeping an open line of communication going, openly tell them how the company is doing, tell them about their performance and how they can improve in certain areas, tell them you are proud of them and be sincere! Over time, your employees will learn to trust you and see that your actions are done with their best interests in mind. When they trust you, they will work hard for you and make sure your company is set up for long-term success.

If your company is struggling with morale and your employees are losing the motivation to work hard for you, it might be hurting the business. Following the above tips can give you a few ways to build that morale back up. You will be able to earn your staff’s trust and make your workplace a place where people genuinely enjoy coming too and stay excited to work at. Take time to look at your company as a whole and then get to know the people who work for you individually so you know your company’s unique needs. Find a way to meet those needs and watch your company grow in leaps and bounds!