Things to Do After Experiencing Hair Damage   


As you enter a hair salon, you may be excited anticipating the positive results after the hairdresser does the job. This is the reason why many people go to hair salons for various services, often. Sadly, not all the results are positive. Your hair might be damaged.

The colour used might be incorrect. The mixture of chemicals might have also been too strong, leading to hair loss. Worse, your scalp might have been affected, resulting in severe pain. Anything can happen, especially since hairdressing is an unregulated profession.

Hairdressers are not licenced and they are not obliged by law to follow certain standards. They can find creative means to make you look good, but it also comes with the risk of not having the results you expect to see.

This is why you need to know about the possibility of filing for hair damage claims. You can get compensation after what was done to your hair. Whether it was intentional or not, it happened. The hairdresser in question can’t just let it go and pretend nothing happened.

Stay calm

If you are in a salon and something unexpected happens, stay calm. Express your frustration but don’t argue. There is no point in doing so. Take a photo or video as evidence. Keep it or upload it to a safer storage medium immediately.

You should also go to the hospital, just to check the problem, especially if your scalp was affected. Any pain could at least be alleviated with some initial treatment. Furthermore, you can ask for an actual description of what happened, from a medical professional. You can also use this as evidence later if you file for compensation.

Seek help from a lawyer 

You know that you deserve to get compensation for what the hairdresser did. Never speak with the salon owners or anyone from their company without a lawyer by your side. You need someone who will tell you what to do and how to win the best settlement. Considering how much damage was done, you might not want to settle for a small payout.

Experienced compensation lawyers have handled similar cases in the past, and they know exactly what needs to be done. If you might be worried about the legal costs, look for firms that offer services that you only pay for if you win the case. Otherwise, the legal representation is free.

The salon might have a lot of excuses for what happened, but this should not in any way prevent you from asking for compensation. You might incur more expenses later related to the incident, and require financial assistance.

Image: (bugnin)