Helping Your Wedding Party to Save Money on their Wedding Expenses

Your wedding party consists of a group of close friends and family members who are a big part of your life. You ask them to be a part of your wedding party because of how much they love you, how well they treat you, and how much you want them to share in the special occasion.

When someone is asked to be part of a wedding party, they’re truly honored. They know that to be picked means but they are special to you, and that you want them to be as close as possible to them during this time.

Most people also understand that when they are asked to be the wedding party, they are also being asked to participate financially in the wedding events. Whether it is buying additional gifts, purchasing their wedding outfits, taking time off work to dedicate to wedding related events, and even spending expense money getting to your wedding and the other related events.

It is not often thought about, however these costs can sometimes place a burden on a wedding party. As the bride often learns when she goes wedding dress shopping and finds that she need sot shop for cheap wedding dresses, things purchased for a wedding can get costly quickly. For this reason, the bride and groom should do all they can to help the wedding party to minimize the amount of expenses they will require for the wedding. Here are two specific ideas to help you wedding party minimize their out-of-pocket expenses for your wedding.

Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Dresses

Those who participate in the wedding are expected to pay for their own clothing that they wear during the wedding. On the groom’s side, his groomsmen will typically rent tuxedos for that day. In this case, there’s not much of an expense. On the bride‚Äôs side, the bridesmaids will often have their dresses custom made for the wedding. The dresses are created at the direction of the bride and the bride has a direct hand in determining both the complexity and the cost of each dress. It is a similar case with the flower girl. Her dress must fit in with the wedding and in many cases it needs to be custom made.

One great way to help the bridesmaids and flower girl to save money is to have them purchase dresses already made. You can purchase cheap bridesmaids gowns online at a fraction of the cost that it will take to have them handmade. You can also purchase flower girl dresses online that are very cost-effective. In both cases, these dresses are high quality and gorgeous. In other words, the bride can help the women in the wedding party to save money and look just as fabulous.

Attending Wedding Events

Those in the wedding party are expected to attend every event related to your wedding and when you add up the costs of attending and buying gifts to all of these events it can be a large financial expense. Although you’re good friends and family certainly want to help out and provide funds and gifts for your wedding events, it can get pretty overwhelming financially.

One thing the bride and groom can do help the wedding party save some money is to either tell them that they don’t need to attend every event  or to let them know that they don’t have to participate financially in any of the events relating to the wedding. This would of course exclude the bachelor and bachelorette parties which are traditionally and should be handles and paid for by the best man and maid of honor respectively.

Helping your wedding party save money will show them how much you love them.