The Different Types of Protection and Firewall Software


A computer virus is very similar to a biological virus. Their purpose is to harm a computer and disable it, stopping it from functioning properly. They stop you from working properly and more. Just like a biological virus, they are dangerous and sometimes even fatal. Because they not only exist, but because new ones are created on a daily basis, antivirus and firewall software has also been developed, in a type of cat and mouse game. When you read antivirus reviews, you basically learn about preventative vaccines and cures to eliminate a virus. Thanks to these programs, your computer is once again able to be productive, and it stops it from becoming more damaged and harmed.

About Viruses

The list of viruses and types of viruses is now so long that they are simply described as “malware”. This includes things such as rootkits, program viruses, boot viruses, adware, spyware, Trojan horses, and more. The difference between those specific types of malware is what they target and how much damage they can do. Different methods are also required to remove them from a computer. But what matters most is that your computer is properly protected, that it can detect anything that does come in, and that they can be removed as well. This means you need proper antivirus software in place.

About Antivirus Programs

There are many different types of antivirus software packages, but the disc scanner is the most common one. This scans folders, disks, and files whenever a user wants to. They can also scan automatically, or at specific times. This is one of the best ways of protecting a computer.

Another option is the memory resident scanner. This runs in the background of the computer and is more proactive, because it also scans websites, files, and programs before they can run on your computer. Basically, it is a type of sweeper that tracks what you do and makes sure you don’t expose yourself to risks.

The third option is behavior based detection. This looks at unusual occurrences and behaviors within your computer. It stops a virus that tries to hide a different virus. This means that your hard drive cannot be illegally reformatted either.

Then, there is the startup scanner. This runs automatically as soon as a computer boots up. It scans critical system files and disk boot sectors. It aims to scan the computer and clean it before it boots and starts to run them.

Last but not least, there is the inoculation disk scanner. Here, distortions and changes on computer files caused by viruses are identified. It continuously scans any changes to your system applications, programs, folders, and files, preventing changes from being made.

Now that you know the options that are out there, you only have to decide which one you want. What you can also do is read antivirus reviews and find recommendations on programs that actually do all five of the things above. That way, you truly are completely protected.