The Best Cities in Virginia for Families


Virginia may be for lovers, but it’s the perfect home for families as well!  This great state has a lot to offer anyone who moves here, and whether you’re new to the area or just trying to find a new home in your home state, there are a lot of options to take in.

These are the best cities in Virginia, and what makes them stand out?


Rated the best place to live in the entire state, Broadlands is home to just over 14,000 people and boasts the best schools and property values in the state.  The pristine neighborhoods, excellent public schools, and incredible local entertainment will keep you happy to call this area home for decades.

Although it is expensive to live here, it’s worth it for that peace of mind.

Dominion Hills

Although this area is relatively small and close to a major city, its only major crime to report is teens committing adolescent planks and vandalism.  Most of this area is extremely walkable, affordable, and easy to access if you want to avoid a big commute to and from work.

Dominion Hills is a larger area with an outstanding education, great public transit, and a very hands-on community.  This is a great place to start a family and join a community at the same time.

South Riding

If you want gorgeous views without the cost of apartments for rent in Virginia Beach, it’s a good idea to check out South Riding!  South riding is on the medium size for this list, with just over 30,000 people who call it home.  Although it’s generally expensive, it’s still a great option for any family with dual incomes.

The awesome local entertainment and amenities ensure you’ll never get bored, but you also don’t have to worry about what your kids are up to if they’re not within sight.


The best part about Bluemont is how easy it is to reach anything you want to.  From taking a quick metro ride into DC to biking or driving anywhere within the city with ease, it’s awesome to call this area home.  Just under 10,000 people live here, and although the public schools and entertainment are great, it’s still affordable to many people.

Walkable neighborhoods, social groups, and fun activities will keep you coming back and moving the moment you leave!


Waycroft is a tiny town on the outer edges of Arlington.  Luckily for it, this means you get a lot of the amenities that come with big cities without having to deal with the constant traffic and noise.  The housing is more expensive here, but it has some of the highest rates schools in the country and is fantastic for anyone wanting to raise children.  From the walkable neighborhoods to the endless local entertainment, you’ll wonder if you’ve landed in paradise!

Virginia Will Steal Your Heart

Whether you’re new to the state, or a local, you’ll fall in love with Virginia at first sight.  Consider checking out some of these cities as the best places to start your family!