How a Strong Manager Can Drive a Business Forward

No matter the position that is being filled, companies should have a certain type of person or a person with certain skills and qualities in mind to fill that vacancy. This is true for all levels of modern business, and at management level, finding the right candidate for the role is essential. This is because a manger is often responsible for driving a business forward.

Some of the most important skills and attributes that a manager should have include:

  • Being reliable.
  • Being flexible and adaptable.
  • Being able to relate to employees.
  • Being organized.
  • Having good communication skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.

This is a list of attributes that people associate with managers, but there is also a need to work well under pressure, to be able to command respect from others, and to be able to make difficult decisions. Not everyone has the personality or nature to make these decisions, which means that businesses need to find the right manager for their requirements.

There is more than one style of manager to look for

It is vital that firms don’t think that there is just one ideal type of manager. Different situations and circumstances call on a certain type of manager. A business that is struggling and needs to be reinvigorated will require a different type of manager to a firm that is going well and just needs to keep ticking over.

When a firm is failing, changes have to be made. This requires a manager who can quickly assess the situation, work out who is capable of doing what, and knows what action the firm should take to improve its status. This is a difficult process, and it takes a special kind of manager, but there have been many examples of when a change of manager has transformed a business.

Some managers have transformed companies

Steve Jobs was a co-founder of Apple, but he quit the company in 1985, only to return in 1996 when the firm was struggling. In the role of CEO, Jobs transformed the firm, making it the industry leader and global brand that it is today.

When Ed Whitacre was asked about how long he would remain in his post at General Motors, he said that he would exit the firm after GM had returned to greatness. After launching an IPO of $23.1 billion, he was true to his word, stepping down in September 2010.

Yusuf Alireza is also well known for the impact that he has had on companies, improving their status and ensuring that his team perform at a higher level.

Richard Teerlink is the CEO that has been hailed as the savior of Harley-Davidson, ensuring that the company is recognized as one of the leading motorcycle brands around the world.

No matter how challenging a position a company finds itself in, there are times when a strong manager can turn things around. This is why firms have to ensure that they employ the right person for the role, as the right manager can drive a business forward.