Staying Loyal For The Best Beauty Care

I was speaking with my friends recently about the beauty clinics which hey use and why and I was surprised to learn that many of my girlfriends often chop and change between clinics. I have always seen far more benefits in staying loyal to a particular beauty clinics as doing so offers much more than changing each time.

This approach does have its issues occasionally, for example I recently moved home and had to find not only a clinic near me, but one which I’d be happy to keep going back to. Fortunately I checked out the glowing Sono Bello reviews and decided that this would be my long term favorite. If you, like my friends, prefer to alter clinics regularly, here is why I think you’d benefit from a little bit of loyalty.

No Risk 

Very often when you go between various salons, you take a risk each time that you go, a risk that they perhaps won’t do things to your liking. When you go to the same place each time, you will have already worked out the creases and you will get a service which is exactly to your liking. I have even had friends who’ve had a particular treatment done in one place, and then been forced to go elsewhere to have it fixed. Remove this risk by going to the same place each time.


Each week or so, I love nothing more than going to my regular clinic not only for my beauty treatments, but for the gossip which I have there. My beauticians know a bit about me and my family and I theirs which makes for a far more comfortable and pleasurable experience.


Whilst many clinics may offer promotions to entice new customers through their doors, they will also offer their loyal customers great offers and promotions. Very often if the clinic I go to has a new treatment or new equipment, they will even give me a free or heavily discounted service so that I can experience the new item, and they can test it out.


I can’t tell you the amount of times I have had to call on my clinic for a last minute skin peel or an unexpected facial. The fact that I have been a loyal customer means that the clinic will do all that they can to squeeze me in. This is heavily contrasted with the kind of reply you would get if you were ringing around clinics at the last minute on a Friday night, with many clinics telling you that they either didn’t have time or that they couldn’t fit you in. I always plan well but there are moments when I something comes up and I need their help, in this instance, being a loyal customer really helps!

Try it yourself, find a clinic you like and keep going, the benefits are really fantastic.