Spend fantastic nights at Rarotonga

Rarotonga is a beautiful place to go on vacation ... photo by CC user Marcus Gleinig on wikimedia

Rarotonga is a popular getaway for honeymooners, but just about anyone can enjoy the beautiful paradise island even the lone backpackers. The splendid scenery of the island is the spitting image of Bora Bora. Many find Raro, short for Rarotonga, the best spot for escaping the busy hums of their normal city lifestyles. For couples though, nothing is sweeter than walking hand in hand on a white sand beach whilst staring at the majestic sun as it rises or sets, you simply set the mood to whatever tickles your heart. Do secure your ESTA Visa before you hop to the next jet to get here.

Getting around the island is quite exciting; everything is well organized. The easiest way to explore the island is to take the islands bus service; the buses tour the island in an interesting way, clockwise and counterclockwise, so missing a bus ride is highly improbable but do check your watches.

If you want to surprise your especial someone, events like the Te Maire Maeva Nuior the Cultural Festival of music and dance will certainly melt your significant halfs heart. Perhaps, you can even learn some dance steps on your own to up your game. Another interesting event is the Vava Eivaor the Canoeing Festival which is by far one the most spectacular outrigger canoe sports on the island.

The highlight of your travel is of course having a splendid dip on the islands mesmerizing lagoons, such a remarkable experience indeed. The turquoise waters are crystal clear, which is also perfect for snorkeling. One of the most visited beaches is the Muri Beach which tends to get crowded on peak days.

There is a variety of tropical fish on the island, and the corals are simply breathtaking. Nonetheless, up your snorkeling experience by heading straight to Aroa Lagoon Marine Reserve just facing the Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa. Seeing plentiful reef fishes has never been exciting, mind you, youll have plenty of time naming all the colorful fishes if you can.

Raros diving experience is superb. There are shipwrecks, and underwater spelunking too. If youre an advance diver, chances are youre after swimming with the majestic whales. Nonetheless, to really appreciate the islands underwater paradise, just visit the Black Rock which is a fantastic spot for snorkeling.

As a volcanic island, it is normal for the islands interior to be a bit harder to access, but the splendid scenery is enough to make you brave the trails and see it for yourself. Some of the trails lead to amazing waterfalls where you can serenade your especial someone. Just tell your guide to lookout for your privacy, otherwise you can just have romantic fresh water swimming on any of the waterfalls you find.

If you are into exhilarating water sports, windsurfing is also popular on the island. The winds may not be strong but its just perfect for beginners unless youre looking to practice for a big event.

Thanks to this South Pacific islands natural gifts, youll never run out of fresh supply. There are plenty of fresh fruits to eat. Avocados are particularly plentiful during summer. The restaurants on the island are simply superb; some of them are even high end and requires early booking though which is particularly perfect for your romantic plans.