Some Top Ideas to Keep in Mind for Designing a Great Flyer

When you want to catch people’s attention for an upcoming event or drum up business to sell a brand, product, or service, flyers are an excellent way to go. Not only are flyers very cost-effective compared to other marketing tools, they are able to reach a wide audience at different times and places. If your flyer is eye-catching and raises questions (or answers them), your flyer is sure to be a success.

However, creating them is no simple matter. It’s not necessarily very difficult, to be sure, but you do need to keep some rules and guidelines in mind for maximum effect. Are you thinking about having some flyers printed for your next concert, trade show, exhibition or marketing campaign? Here are some top tips to keep in mind for designing a great flyer.

Figuring out the purpose

You may think you know the purpose of your flyer, but you’d be surprised at how obscure our thoughts are at times. Write down the purpose of your flyer on paper; be detailed. Whom do you hope to contact? What exactly do you want to say? What exactly do you want to promote? How do you expect (or hope) the reader to react? These questions force you to be detailed in your planning and your design, be it for flyer printing, brochure printing, banner printing, or more.

Remaining clear

Designing a Great Flyer is simpler than you can imagine

You may be tempted to tell all about your great company, great service, great product or great event – but resist the temptation and keep your message as simple as possible. Your message must remain clear and concise. Use as few words as possible, and if it’s not necessary to include a certain piece of information, leave it out.

Use a grid

You can find a large assortment of templates that can get you on your way. Using a grid is the best way to display your information in an organised way. It will ensure your message is clear and all letters and graphics are well-aligned.

Aesthetics – creating a mood

Your choice of imagery and colours will create a certain mood; again, focus on your target audience – don’t use certain colours and images simply because they happen to be your favourite ones.


Sound optimistic in your message, and never underestimate the power of a picture of a smiling man or woman.

It is very important that you choose high-quality pictures and visually-appealing graphics. Reading a flyer is (first and foremost) a visual experience, and you have to make sure that your pictures and graphics have a high resolution. The quality of print for flyer printing is also important – the quality of your flyer will reflect on your company, brand, product, service, or event. Make the right impression; do the job right and your flyer is sure to be a success.

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