Digital Marketing Techniques That Will Boost Your Online Business

The world of marketing has changed an incredible amount since the ‘old days’ before the internet and it has never been easier to help to grow and boost your brand online than it is right now. If you have an online company then you should be looking to follow the advice of industry insiders such as Joseph Cianciotto and invest heavily in digital marketing in order to drive higher sales and better brand growth of your business.

Gone are the days of TV ads and newspaper postings, these days the world has gone digital and here are some of the strategies which can be employed to help increase the success of your online business.


SEO is short for search engine optimization and it is a technique which every online business worth their salt should be employing. When a potential customer looks for something on a search engine they are give millions of results yet studies have shown that they rarely look beyond page 2 or 3 at the most. It is therefore important that your business features on the top pages when a customer types in keywords that relate to your business, and this is where SEO comes in. This practice works on building the online trust of your company so that when a client searches for a product or service that you sell, they will see you company before anyone else.

Email Marketing

Email marketing plays an important role in a strong digital marketing plan and even though it is not as successful as it once was, it is still a good tool in terms of growing your brand. The average click through rate of an email offer is around 2% so if you send 10,000 emails, you will still get 200 people visiting your page and seeing what you have in store for them.

Social Media

Social media gives business the access to hundreds of thousands of people in the click of a button and this will be one of the most important areas of your marketing campaign. The only issue with social media marketing is that because it is so highly accessible, there is stiff competition out there and you must ensure that you produce a marketing campaign that is creative and of very high quality so that you can get the engagement which you are after. Social media allows you to target your key demographic so that you are not wasting your time and money on advertising to people who are highly unlikely to do business with you. This form of marketing is also fantastic for brand growth and you can add maximum exposure of your company to a wide range of people with absolute ease.

The three methods should most definitely feature in your digital marketing campaign if you wish for it to be successful and gain those extra sales that you are looking for.