We are the pioneers of data recovery services

We are the pioneers of data recovery services

Hard disks are the main storage place for all the information on the computer. From company documentations to personal information it stores in it. Losing all that data is unimaginable as it could create havoc in your business. Kroll on track has been in the business of data recovery from broken or damaged hard drives for 3 decades. They have the insight on how the drive works hence making them equipped to handle recovery of data from all model types. The data recovery services that we provide to our customers are appreciated by the hard drive makers making is an authorized service dealer for a number of major players in this line of business like the Western Digital, Samsung, Fujitsu to name a few. Our work is good that we ensure that the services we provide don’t hamper the manufacturer’s warranty.

Understand the factors that could affect your drive

There are two main categories of damages in a drive. One is the Logical failure where the drive decides to not process the command it receives thus preventing you from getting access to all the stored data in drive. This normally happens due to improper partitioning of drives, formatting the desktop incorrectly and the most common of all virus or spyware attack that disconnects the link between the RAM and the database. Secondly type that we encounter a lot these days is the mechanical failures. This is basically a shutdown of the device that is caused by the failure of the motor or the head. The moment you head your drive making all kind of scratching sound, stop the device immediately as that means your motor that churns disk has stopped running.

We will help you get back the data you lost

If your drive is exposed to water, then the last thing you should attempt to do is trying to dry it. One should be aware that drying of hard drives can lead to corrosions and enormous data loss. All you need to do is place the drive in zip tight bag and send it to us and we will do your best to get the hard drive data recovery done, most of the data stored. The noise from your hard drive is an indication that, not all is right with the hard drive. When the motor ceases to function, you would hear that noise. Stop the computer the moment you hear the scratching sound to prevent further damage to the data inside. If you are looking for solution call us at our helpline number and learn the steps you could follow to rectify the problem. If still not solved you will have ship your drive to us and we will process the recovery. We believe in confidentiality of the information that is there in the drive. We don’t read or see the information that is stored. We process the drive to recover all the data that is stored in bits inside the disk.