Generate Your Own Auto Sales Leads With Live Chat

As online marketing grows in sophistication and the ways to reach out to new audiences expand, lead-based businesses from real estate and insurance to car dealers have learned that buying leads just doesn’t make sense. When you can organically generate more of them yourself, you can derive a much better ROI than paying for leads that companies may be selling simultaneously to your customers. You know you need to keep them coming in if you want your business to keep thriving, but there are much better ways to go about it.

A car dealer needs a multi-pronged strategy if they want to start generating a lot of leads from online, from SEM to social media advertising and outreach. A comprehensive SEM strategy includes both SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means optimizing your website with keywords, creating a dedicated landing page, and beginning a link building campaign, as well as PPC (Pay-per-Click), where you bid on long-tail keywords to land sponsored spots on Google. You should also consider advertising on popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and find ways to engage with social media users who are talking about cars.

Getting Auto Sales Leads With Live Chat is a smart way to acquire customers

These are all great ways to drive more traffic to your website, but once they’ve landed, you need car dealer live chat software to make sure you capture their contact information and turn those anonymous web visitors into leads. A good dealer live chat should be managed and 24/7, as your salespeople will be too busy following up on leads to provide the same kind of real-time service that an online chat consultant can provide. Your customers are growing increasingly impatient and many see live chat as a way to respond to demands that their questions are answered sooner, but it requires dedicated consultants to provide a satisfactory response rate.

Another tech feature you should be on the look out for is a car dealer chat that’s smart, meaning it employs the power of a behavioral intelligence system. One live chat company, Gubagoo, uses its patented behavioral intelligence system to record where on your website an IP address visits, giving consultants insight into the products and promotions that interest them. In addition to supplying consultants with more information that they can use to assist someone in the window, the user’s behavior also changes the promotions they see in a publisher window, a feature that can save you money and improve your success rate.

Here’s how it works: you’re offering up to $2,500 off a certain model of vehicle, but the first time someone visits your website, they see a promotion for $1,000. Because people respond to different price points, some will go for the initial promotion, however, you don’t risk losing anyone’s interest. If they pass over the promotion, the Gubagoo publisher can roll back to the full offering the next time they visit the page, so that you don’t lose out on a potential sale.

Don’t miss out on the full potential of live dealer chat software powered by a behavioral intelligence system. Stop buying leads and start building a more effective way to generate them on your own.