How to do Miami on a Budget!

The vibrant city of Miami is located in South Florida and has long been one of the most popular sunny destinations in the USA. The city is surrounded by intense natural beauty for visitors to explore, while Miami also boasts interesting cultural attractions that focus on the unique history of this part of the world. Trips to Miami can be surprisingly affordable with a little planning. Here are some of the many things that are waiting to be discovered.

Miami Seaquarium

This is a marine animal dream, covering an impressive 38 acres. You can catch a large number of sea animals and watch live shows of them in their element: from killer whales flying through the air, to endangered sea turtles swimming around. You can even swim with the seals and dolphins. Miami Seaquarium tickets can be purchased in advance and there are often seasonal discounts and special offers for visitors to take advantage of.

Hanging out at the Beach

Miami Beach and South Beach both boast long stretches of golden sand for visitors to spread out on. People who want to get back to nature and unwind for a while will find that soaking up on these beautiful beaches is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Both are lined with amenities such as shops and restaurants, while local companies offer equipment hire to people who want to spend a little time messing about in the water.

Ancient Spanish Monastery

This magnificent building was originally built in Segovia in Spain, then dismantled brick by brick, brought over and rebuilt. It offers an important insight into the rich history and culture of Miami. The monastery dates back to 1141, making it one of the oldest buildings in the area. The monastery still serves as a working church to this day, and it is a popular place to get married.

Everglades Tour

The Everglades is a unique area of wetland that is completely unique while also being extremely beautiful. One of the best ways to explore the Everglades is by taking an air boat tour, which includes the chance to get a close view of alligators and other animals as well as enjoying an exciting wildlife show.

Oleta River State Recreation Park

This large urban park features some excellent cycling and hiking trails for visitors to explore while admiring wildlife such as fiddler crabs and eagles.

Of course, this is just a small selection of the exciting entertainment options that are waiting for visitors to Miami. With a little advanced planning it is possible to save big on some of these attractions by purchasing special tickets that include trips to many of the area’s related attractions, while families can also take advantage of special deals.