Exciting Gap Year Programs

The Gap year is a year that one can take off from school or work in order to attend various programs or simply enjoy a little bit of freedom. Whatever your interest is, there are specialized gap year programs that will suite your personal likes. Here are four common programs to consider for gap year travel.

Gap Year Volunteering Programs

These programs give you the chance to get involved in community development, wildlife conservation, childcare and other activities. Using your energy to help the less fortunate for an entire year can bring priceless benefits. Some things you can volunteer for include:

  • Orphanage projects. On these projects, tasks include helping with the general day to day chores that may range from farming, cooking, cleaning, babysitting and teaching. Kenya, Nepal and other countries with a high population of orphans and orphanages often solicit volunteers who can work for periods ranging from one week to six months.
  • Environmental Projects. Here, volunteers get to work alongside park rangers to help improve the parks. They may also be involved in gathering scientific data and caring for rescued animals. Costa Rica, Malawi and Seychelles are some countries that accept volunteers on marine and conservation projects.
  • Teaching projects. IF you are one of those who love children, these are the ideal gap year programs for you. Volunteers are assigned teaching tasks that usually focus on English in Primary or Secondary schools and sometimes are asked to help teach orphans in Orphanages.


Gap Year Travel

What better opportunity to explore so many parts of the world that your gap year! Gap year travel packages incorporate the best destinations for adventure, culture, leisure and wildlife. Some packages you have to select from are:

  • Climb Mount Kilamanjaro in Tanzania. This is ideal for those outdoor, extreme adventure enthusiasts that usually last for about 6 days.


  • India’s diverse culture journey. For an entire week, one can enjoy all the majestic spots in India while immersing themselves in the country’s rich culture.
  • All in one Asia experience. This gap year experience will take you to the best parts of Asia- China, Cambodia and Thailand just to mention a few.  One can even incorporate their own activities for a more personalized experience.
  • Mount Everest Base Challenge. This trek runs throughout the year so you don’t have to worry when you travel. Off course, one must be very physically fit to endure the 6-7 hours each day walk to reach Mount Everest’s base.