How to Stop Being a Dreamer

When we grow up as children we all have dreams in our hearts and minds, some are crazy and likely impossible but others are near-impossible and definitely achievable. As we grow older we lower our expectations when it comes to dreaming and make them things that are far more achievable. We do this because we are told as kids that we can do anything, then we meet life and it tells us that we can’t, this should be ignored. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about being a football legend like Jack Elway, a political leader like Barack Obama or a business mogul like Mark Zuckerberg. In fact the only reason why we should ever stop dreaming is because we have already achieved what we were dreaming about. If you want to stop dreaming and start achieving, here is how.

Belief in the Impossible

Lowering your dreams to make them more achievable is like selling out and admitting defeat, in order to achieve the highest of dreams you should set your sights high and most importantly, actually believe that you can go after them. This belief must come from within and if you ever in any doubt as to whether or not you can really achieve these dreams, take inspiration from those people who have already done it before. Sports stars, politicians, astronauts and business moguls were all told at one time or another to stop being silly and focus on reality, they went against this and actually achieved what they wanted and with some belief, you can too.

What is Stopping You?

If you are feeling downhearted and worried that your dream will be too difficult to achieve then it is time to change the facts. Make a list of the things which are holding you back from achieving what it is that you are after and then systematically work through your list and find solutions to each of the problems that you are facing. There is always a solution to one of life’s obstacles and each time you find a solution you will be one step closer to realizing your dream.

Sacrifice and Hard Work

If you expect to coast through life at your own pace and think that things like dreams will just fall into your lap then you are sorely mistaken and doing so will do nothing more than help you to fall short of your dreams. If you want to really go get those things that you have been dreaming about then you are going to have to make sacrifices and put in the work to overcome those obstacles that you listed, and achieve what you though was impossible. In order to get what it is that you are after, you will need to be 100% focussed and dedicate all that you have in the endeavor of turning dreams into reality, if dreams were easy to achieve then everyone would be able to do it.