Key Differences of Living At A Student Accommodation You Didn’t Know

Have you been thinking of moving out and pursuing higher education in a far-off land? Well, as scary as it may sound, millions do it every year. We do not want to degrade your struggle, but merely emphasize how normal it would get. The most important part of this normalization would be the place you choose to stay at. After 9-10 hours of education, you would need a place to relax. A place you can call home far from your home is what you should be looking for. 

Most colleges, esteemed universities offer students college dorms. However, we are here to make a case for off-campus accommodation options. Following are a few reasons why it is not all that bad if the college dorm got occupied too soon, the student accommodations are better because:


The most important factor someone considers while choosing a place to live is the cost of it. Most student accommodation would have a costlier on-surface look. However, they are all open to negotiations. Moreover, student accommodations are all-inclusive. 


Safety is a major concern for anyone. Student accommodation centres are in safe neighbourhoods. Those living in rented apartments always have a fear of getting mugged. However, student accommodations would have a larger group of people, and in general, the provider would have security cameras installed since it is about a student’s wellbeing.

The Proximity to Their Colleges/Universities: 

Not only would travelling to your college takes a lot of time but it would also cost you a lot if your college isn’t so close to your place. However, most student accommodations are very close to their colleges or universities, and that’s why students prefer living here. In the case of a college dormitory, the place most would be inside the campus. However, if you want something off-campus, look for places around the university. 


What if you have no cooking skills? In that case, you need a student housing facility that covers food as well. From breakfast, lunch, till dinner, everything should be covered. You could get that in dormitories, but the food is most often bland. In smaller properties, where there are lesser children, you have a stroke of better luck at being heard and served. A good accommodation provides healthy and hygienic food. To find out more about such properties, you should check out Iglu and visit their listed rental providers available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


When you rent out a flat or a bungalow, you can not really make many changes to the ambiance. You have to live by the rules of the landlord. The same applies to college dormitories. However, off-campus hostels and Paying Guest rentals are very lenient and would let you add your flavour to your room. 


Since most of the students living here are away from their families, these accommodations make them feel at home. The staffs are extremely friendly. After students come from their colleges/universities, they always have the option of mingling and chatting with their roommates. Moreover, there are lesser rules in off-campus places, and you can interact and hang out more freely. For all these reasons, students prefer living in such accommodations as they love to spend their evenings taking a break from studies and spending quality time with their friends. Exposure to other cultures:

In off-campus student accommodations, you are more likely to find people from all over the globe. You will come in contact with many people and learn about their different cultures, traditions, and languages. This will helps you grow, and you might find a reason to start your journey on this huge planet. Maybe later, when you visit those places, you will already have a friend to call up and show you around too.