Corporate hospitality: take your evening to the next level

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In any business, keeping existing clients is just as important as finding new ones. Competition is fierce amongst companies within the same industry because each one wants to be the best, with the biggest customers, and as many as possible.

Corporate hospitality can be big business. Businesses want to impress and thank their best clients and make them feel valued by treating them to an experience that they will not forget. There are many corporate hospitality packages to choose from and a specialist company can help you to choose the right one for you and your clients.

It is easy to find a company offering these services by using the internet. If you are looking for a company based in Cheltenham, for example, you could type into a search engine relevant keywords such as ‘Cheltenham corporate hospitality’ and a range of results will come up. Choose a few of the best ones and compare them against one another in order to find the right package for you and the best value for money. A bit of research could save you a lot of money.

Corporate hospitality at sporting events is very common. It is a sure way to impress your guests by hiring a private box with perfect views, luxurious corporate entertainment suites and VIP packages at events such as The British Grand Prix and Royal Ascot. Consider sports such as rugby, football, tennis, cricket, motor sport, horse racing, golf, polo, rowing and sailing, amongst various others. It can be a great day out for everyone. Other options can include concerts and festivals and cultural events such as London Fashion Week, Chelsea Flower Show and Taste of London.

Football and horseracing, in particular, often have corporate options on offer for attendees to take advantage of because of the high levels of attendance they generally enjoy on a regular basis. Although the atmosphere in a box is often not as electric as it is in the stands, people in the box are usually able to not only enjoy a three-course meal and copious amounts of free alcohol, but also the company of a former player or jockey now employed by the club or the track to enhance the experience of a party of guests. Many retired footballers, including the likes of Sir Bobby Charlton, Kenny Dalglish and Alan Ball, take on this role for their old clubs on a weekly basis – it helps the club out and also gives them something to do in their later years if they’re not coaching or managing.

Some corporate packages include travel to the event – at the Silverstone Grand Prix, for example, you may be flown to the track by helicopter so you can arrive in style, avoiding the roads and the crowds. When you visit Cheltenham racecourse, you can pull up on a vintage steam train that leaves from Toddington station and chuffs its way through the Cotswolds countryside while you enjoy exquisite food and drink from the cash buffet and bar.

Although these options tend to cost a bit more than the average ticket, you’ll remember the extra level of luxury you receive forever (unless you’re rich and you get that level of luxury everywhere) – why not splash out for a really memorable experience?