Choosing the right Garage Door Openers

For your home, the best garage door opener selection isn’t just about the cost or brand name. It’s more about available warranty options, features and functionality. Installing a garage door correctly is precarious to the safety of residents, automobiles and pets who use the garage area.

Basically choosing a garage door openers is based on the nature of drive mechanism. It includes:

Chain driven: A chain-drive garage door opener tend to be made of metal and flex to drive the trolley and also lower or raise the door. Chain-drive systems are cost-effective choices but produce more noise and vibration than other types hence are less popular.

Belt driven: A belt driven opener uses belt instead of chain to move the trolley thus provide smoother and quieter operation of all types of mechanisms. These are more costly and have lower maintenance needs.

Screw driven: For the lifting mechanism these door openers use a threaded steel rod. These types of openers have very few moving parts and hence very low maintenance needs. They are smaller in size than both belt and chain driven openers and tend to be the easiest to install especially for do-it-yourselfers.

Direct-drive and jackshaft openers: It provides a quieter but comparatively expensive option for the buyers. Jackshaft has cables attached directly to the door and direct drive uses motors for the lifting mechanism. They come with good warranty options.

Regardless of the type of garage door opener, they can be operated by remote controllers such as the Liftmaster garage door openers remote. 

Tips for choosing the right Garage Door Openers for you:

There are few tips for you to know before you step out to buy garage door opener for you.

Get a good first-hand knowledge and experience from websites and consumer review magazines relating to a variety of garage door openers. Evaluate the features and compare them with different models and brands of same price ranges.  

If your affordability is limited to chain driven models here is a tip for you to know. To stop the chain from hitting against the track many upgraded chain-drive models are now coming with chain separators, which reduces the noise and vibration of a chain drive.

During power outages you need to be ensured that a new opener will allow you a manual release when necessary. It will allow you to operate the door by hand during power breakages, thus disengaging it from inside of the garage. Few and expensive models come with this rare feature of battery backups. However, direct current motors provide backup battery options, letting your garage door to still perform during a power outage. Other advantages of DC motors include easier starts and stops, smooth operation and smaller size.

Get a useful knowledge about the horsepower options. For heavier and larger garage door, you will need more horsepower, like the 3/4-horsepower openers which is relatively more than the standard option of 1/2-horsepower.

In addition to the basic feature also go for additional features like:

Remotes can also come as miniature keychains and fit in a pocket.

Smart-device compatibility such as Liftmaster MyQ allows you to monitor and function the opener using a mobile device. 

Some vehicles have built in control options to monitor and control the operation of the opener.

For billions of your security code possibilities Rolling-Code Security technology allows you to select a new, random and nonrepeating access code every time you use the remote control. This helps keep the burglars away from guessing the garage door’s code and also from accidentally opening of your garage door from neighborhood. 

So these few above mentioned tips and recommendations should be kept in mind before purchasing the new door openers.