How to spice up your dining space with simple items

Dining table mats are your best friends when you have guests coming over and you want to amp up the look of the dining space. An intricately designed wooden mat, fabric mats, or even a luxurious cloth mat can be your savior at the last minute, as they make your dinner spread more elegant.

However, get a dining table mat even when there are no guests. Why? Because not only do they save your expensive tables from the curry stains and the violent treatment from kids, but even you deserve to have an elegant-looking dinner table to change your mood.

Choose from our wide stock of daily wash-friendly, long-lasting table mats that save you from panicking when you spill curry, coffee, or even nicks and scratches on your glass top tables. Not only that, but we also have mats that are heat-resistant so you no longer have to worry about having stands separately.

Pick a material and colour that goes with the mood and the lighting in the dining space, maybe something not too bright but again not too dark. Be fancy with the colours since darker ones would show the stains less, and get materials like wool, wood, or bamboo that wouldn’t fade easily. It is good to choose a design similar to the curtains or any décor in the room, but again diversity attracts attention. 

Not just dining table mats, we also have mats for your lovely coffee table moments and the desks for your work mode. 

While table mats are important, don’t forget the most crucial element of your dining space- the lighting. If you don’t want to regret the lack of light or too much brightness, choose from our beautiful range of lamps now. Ranging from hanging chandeliers, small table lamps, elegant wall lamps to floor lamps— get what you want. 

Here are some hacks to know before selecting a lamp.

Decide on the feel of the space- minimalist, elegant, ancient, or modern. The lighting can completely set the tone, so be sure with the purpose of the lamp. However, it can also be just a décor item not contributing to the tone, yet impacting the vibe. You would prefer a relaxed lighting situation in case it is a heavy dining table, with your table mats and all the delicious dishes, but one that gives the perfect Insta-worthy pictures.

Go for a matching wooden lamp with wooden dining table mats, or have fun with the mix and match of a block-printed mat along with abstract brass pendant lamps.

Our collection has all sorts of price ranges when it comes to both lamps and table mats, besides offering durability in regular usage. So while you spice up your dining space, enjoy the appreciative look on your guests at the next dinner.