Hit the Jackpot with these Cruises

Throughout the years casinos have continued to be among America’s favorite forms of recreation. How could it not be when it provides endless hours of entertainment, a night out with friends, and for the lucky ones, an attractive payout.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the usual destinations for glitzy casinos offering an array of games from slot machines, roulette and card games like poker. For everyone else, there are long trips and expensive hotels just to indulge in a few hours of fun. Fortunately, several leading cruise lines now offer Vegas-like experience in their tours, hoping to emulate shows like Zarkana at ARIA resort in Las Vegas to gain more business. Traditionally, cruise ships could not open their casino until the ship was three miles offshore. Nowadays, cruise ships open their casinos as soon as they leave the dock, many of which head out to sea in the evening, providing five to six hours of entertainment for passengers.

Casino cruise

Casino cruise ship rules are similar to land-based casinos. Entry is restricted to participants who are over 21, and identification is checked when boarding. Game rules are familiar too. If you are unfamiliar with the rules of some of the games, the staff will be happy to teach you the basics. That said, when people decide to take a trip on a cruise ship with a casino inside, they tend to already be pros at playing games like blackjack and poker.

Casino cruises offer other entertainment activities besides games if you’re not interested though. Cruises often allow passengers to play golf, snorkel and tour local attractions. Cruise ships can also offer dance clubs, superb buffets, fine dining, spas, and other fun activities. And better yet, if passengers have enjoyed their time on the ship, they can extend their vacation for up to three or four days. Some casino cruises even provide passengers with accommodation at casinos along the coast, or comfortable rooms offshore.

If you are a casino enthusiast and also love to travel, all you need to do is visit your local travel agency about their packages. They offer various cruises and tours that will cater to your needs. Go on that vacation cruise and play your favorite games while you sail the seas. Leave your cares behind and come back refreshed. Now, that’s a winning combination!