Most Delicious Burgers To Try When In New York

New York by Ferguson Photography (creative commons)
New York by Ferguson Photography (creative commons)

With a wide range of restaurants and bars all serving up their own variations on the classic burger in New York city, it’s difficult to decide which ones you should try and which ones are actually worth trying. The list below is a compilation of some of the best burger places in town, ranging from the inexpensive and juicy, to the high-end and Cordon Bleu of burgers.

Burger Joint

A seemingly simple and innocent name, Burger Joint is not just any ordinary burger joint. Serving up extraordinarily tasty grub, this dingy restaurant certainly doesn’t match up to the flavour of its food. Perhaps it’s the look of the place that makes the food taste better; nothing can be worse than staring at graffiti whilst sat on a battered wooden chair. But this doesn’t seem to put the customers off and is certainly an experience.

Burger and Barrel

If it’s something a bit more fancy that you’re after, then the Burger and Barrel can answer your call. Their basic burger starts at $14 and, if you fancy it, you can treat yourself to their white truffle burger, priced at just a mere $45. Not for those on a budget, but certainly for those who wish to experience the finer burgers in life. However, if you’re not one to make economic sacrifices when it comes to food then you should try cutting the costs of your flights at

Pop Burger

Considerably more affordable, Pop Burger offers a simple dining experience, but with all the taste of Michelin star restaurant. It takes a twist on the original burger and serves in a brioche bun, adding sweetness and light to the meat in the middle. Differing to most restaurants in the USA, they also serve mini-burgers instead of huge pounds of meat in a giant bun, which most people are unable to eat. Plus you still get your money’s worth.

Photo by Curtis Gregory Perry
Photo by Curtis Gregory Perry (creative commons)

Five Napkin Burger

Another fancy burger joint, Five Napkin Burger is there for those looking to treat themselves in this delicate economy. Although you probably won’t need five napkins to clean yourself up with, the restaurant manages to serve up deliciously classy burgers and crunchy homemade fries. Add caramelised onions and melted Gruyère to really posh up your burger, and for even more indulgence, add some rosemary aïoli for extra juice. Visit Five Napkin Burger by booking your flights at for the best deals going.

Shake Shack

Situated in Madison Park, the Shake Shack serves up amazing hamburgers at low prices. As the name suggests, there’s no inside seating; it’s just a shack with some benches, but this makes for a unique experience and a cheap one at that. Although now a franchise, Shake Shack has managed to keep its original flair since 2004, founded from a simple hotdog cart, and is still serving some of the juiciest burgers around. And it’s not just the burgers that draw the crowds in. Their crinkle cut chips and milkshakes are to die for and definitely both worth a try when visiting Madison Park. They also serve frozen custard, a delicious alternative to ice cream and you can enjoy some beer or wine with you meal too!