5 Free Things to Do in Dublin

Looking for some free things to do in Dublin? We've got 5 ways to entertain yourself without blowing your wad...

Dublin may not be the cheapest destination, but, do not fear! Lucky for you Dublin has plenty of amazing attractions to check out for those of us on a budget. Here are 5 FREE things to do in Dublin:

Wander Around Trinity College

When one thinks of travelling to Dublin, wandering around a university is probably not the first activity that comes to mind. But, this isn’t any university. Trinity College was established in 1592, being Ireland’s oldest university.

The university is smack dab in the middle of Dublin, but manages to still keep a peaceful and scholastic charm. In fact, some think it resembles the magical land of Hogwarts. For Harry Potter nerds like me, anything that brings me a little closer to the world of wizardry is a must see.

National Museums

All of the national museums in Dublin are free. That’s right…you heard me…FREE! The national museum in Dublin consists of the Archeology museum, Decorative Arts & History museum, and Natural History museum. Going back in time, and getting lost in a museum is the perfect (and free) way to spend an afternoon. You can even download iTour Ireland for cheap and free audio tours to help enhance your museum adventure (However, you may need a VPN to download apps internationally).

St. Stephen’s Green

Spend an afternoon in Dublin’s beautiful city park. It is the perfect place to go on a stroll with a loved one, and enjoy a picnic.

As beautiful as Stephen’s Green is today, it has a mildly gruesome history. In the 1600’s it was a town center where public punishments would often occur. Luckily, today it is solely a place of beauty and peace.

Biking in Dublin

There is nothing better than biking through a beautiful city. The wind in your hair, and the ability to take a detour whenever you like. What makes biking even better in Dublin? Dublinbikes.

Dublinbikes has a system where you can pick up and drop off their bikes at any of their 44 biking stations. Even more exciting, the first 30 minutes riding the bike is free. Unfortunately, you can’t pay with cash. They require you to pay with a card so they can insure you don’t just run off with the bike.

If you do get distracted biking around Dublin, and don’t return it within 30 minutes, there is no need to worry. It only costs 3 euros for a 4 hour biking adventure. So take that detour, and get lost in magical Dublin.

Meander through the Temple Bar Food Market

In Meeting House Square every Saturday from 10 am to 4:30 pm, you will find the Temple Bar Food Market. They are open rain or shine, so you will not have to worry about missing it on your trip. Many would describe it as a farmer’s market, but it is so much more than that. They have everything from an Oyster & Wine Bar to fresh Indian vegetarian food.

Purchasing yummy treats is of course not free, but you will be able to witness vendors making homemade cheeses, sausages and honeys (just to name a few). Luckily, with food vendors also comes the occasional free samples. Temple Bar Food Market is a great way to explore the Dublin food scene, in an inexpensive and exciting way!

Hopefully after reading this article you feel more confident taking on Dublin, and have some extra change to buy a nice pint of Guinness…or two. Go pack your bags, and get ready to explore one of the most enchanted cities in Europe.