Bharat Bhise – The Saturday Football Ritual

There are few better days in life than a Saturday afternoon watching your favorite football team battle it out with their opponents. This was something which I missed greatly when I was living in the USA but for the last year my business partner Bharat Bhise and I have been living in London and I have been able to take him to plenty of Tottenham games. I love to have a ritual on a Saturday and that was what I have shown to Bharat since he has been in the country. I wanted to share with you our ritual and please feel free to comment on yours. 

Filling Up 

The day has to start well and that means a full English breakfast to give us some fuel for the day. In truth I think that this is Bharat’s favorite part of the day, and we usually check out a greasy spoon near our rented accommodation. A greasy spoon is a cafe which sells cheap food which will fill you up, there isn’t the frills of a restaurant or a trendy cafe here, it is super basic and whilst it may not be the healthiest, it is a great way to start the day. 


Next up its time to put a couple of small bets on for the game ahead, there is something about having a bet on a game which adds an extra dimension of fun. Bharat and I never gamble more than a couple of pound, we do it for fun, not to make millions. You can of course take a punt online but there is something extra special about having the betting slip in your hand. 


Bharat and I will get to the stadium early and head up to the lounge for a couple of beers before kick off. Unlike many we won’t get drunk, just a couple of beers to loosen us up and get us ready for kick off. 

Post Match 

Once the game is over we will have another beer in the stadium, in order to let the masses leave before we do. Once we leave the stadium Bharat and I will go to a sports bar where we’ll usually check-in with American Football, and watch a game if there is one on. This is something we love to do because Bharat is a massive fan of the NFL, and it gives us both a chance to watch the sport which we love. 

Finally we will end the night at a nice Indian restaurant, chatting about the day’s events, finding out if we’ve won our bets – highly unlikely – and then we head back to our flat and finish the day off watching the long-standing highlights show Match of the Day. 

For me and Bharat this is a perfect way to spend a Saturday, what is your routine like when you go and watch your team play?