Finding The Right Match For Your Sales Department Goes Beyond Choosing A Well-Curated Resume

Hiring managers will agree that resumes can be deceiving, especially in the world of sales where success is vastly dependent upon personality. While many candidates offer knowledge, skills, and experience, a winning personality that helps close deals is what defines a true salesperson. Over time, each company will foster their own unique, ideal formula for selling their product or brand, and when hiring new members to join a sales team, it is critical for them to be a good fit, not only within the working environment but as spokespeople for what the company is selling. When new hires do not work out, it is primarily due to their sales style being a poor fit for your particular brand. In some cases, they’re simply not cut out to work for sales in the first place. But how can that be with such an extensive and impressive resume? Or even an engaging interview?

Finding The Right Match For Your Sales Department involves more than choosing the best looking resume

To introduce a good sales person to your team, you must first get a sense of who they really are, their core traits. This will then give you a better idea of whether they are confident and resilient enough for the job, whether they’re outgoing and likable, whether they’re persistent, and whether they can build relationships with their clientele as well as sustain them. Their confidence must not detract from their ability to keep the potential customer’s needs at the forefront. They must intuit when to use strong negotiation skills to obtain a sale, and when to move on to a new lead that might prove to be more prosperous – the key is to be goal-driven but realistic. Finally, the best salespeople enjoy a challenge, but working on one’s toes requires more than formulaic selling; it asks one to be flexible and innovative.

Find the right match for your sales department by implementing a sales personality test into your hiring process. When you receive an appealing resume, have the applicant complete a short (but comprehensive) ten-minute test before offering an interview. These can be obtained through an assessor like and customized to best represent the needs of your business and the position you’re looking to fill, and the applicant’s test score will determine how many of your sales personality criteria they meet. It’s a helpful tool that allows hiring managers to save time and company resources. Most importantly, it removes hiring risks and alleviates the burden of re-convening the hiring process should your first choice fail to meet company expectations.

Trust a sales test provider with a 90% accuracy rate over the course of the 30 years they have been in business to provide guidance and transparency to your hiring initiative. Take the guesswork out of hiring people today, and see who truly would be a good match for your sales team. At the end of the day, results are what count, and while a well-curated application can open doors, only the hires bringing in sales, clients, and revenue will keep them open.