Essential Bike Accessories for City Bikers

City bikers have to be ready to navigate all kinds of obstacles throughout their day. From weaving past traffic to being ready for changes in weather to carrying all the items needed for the day, a city biker needs to be well-equipped. Add function and style to your womens bikes for sale with a few accessories that will make daily rides easier, safer and more comfortable.

Here are 10 items every cyclist riding city bikes through a busy area should have at the ready before they head out on their daily commute.

1. Basket: Haul groceries, your work bag or extra supplies in a basket fitted attached to the front of womens bikes for sale or men’s bikes. Look for an over-the-handlebars basket that’s easily removable to add storage space during a busy day of running errands.

2. Fenders: Whether you’re riding your bike to work or a night out, you’ll want to keep road gunk from flying onto your clothes. A set of fenders attached to the front and back wheels add a stylish touch while keeping moisture or dirt at bay.

3. Lock: Once you get to your destination, keep your ride secure with a reliable bike lock. Keyed locks are safe and easy to unlock when you’re ready to head off to the next stop.

4. Bell: Let other cyclists and pedestrians know you’re coming with a bike bell. This is an essential accessory for navigating bike lanes.

5. Lights: Attach front and rear lights to your bike to ensure you’re visible any time of day or night. Choose a bright headlight for your front handlebars to light the way in the dark or fog, and a set of red lights for the rear to make you stand out to passing cars. 

6. Comfortable Seat: If you’ll be logging lots of miles riding through the city, keep it comfortable with a wide, padded seat that will fit on any bike. 

7. Phone Holder: In the middle of a bike lane or while you’re balanced at a busy intersection is no place to be fumbling with your phone. A holder that attaches to your handlebars can hold the phone securely in place while keeping the screen visible, making it possible to quickly check messages during short breaks in your ride.

8. Water Bottle Holder: Stay hydrated as you pedal through the city with a water bottle attached to your ride with a reliable water bottle cage. Well-constructed holders will keep your water firmly in place until you’re ready to quench your thirst.

9. Patch Kit: City bikers are going places. That means they don’t have time to get sidelined by a flat tire. Pack a patch kit to make small, on-the-go repairs that will get you to your destination.

10. Rear Rack: Add a rear rack to your hybrid ride or city bike for additional storage. Carry your work or gym bag on the back of your bike, or anything else up to about 30 pounds.

Adding handy accessories to your womens bikes for sale or other bike model will make regular city rides more comfortable and safe. Rely on a trusted bicycle vendor to find accessories that are built to last.