Encourage Your Employees to Be Healthier

Although being a boss doesn’t mean you track what employees do outside work, you want them healthy.

That said are you as an employer doing anything to improve the lives of your workers?

There are a myriad of things you can do to encourage your employees to have the healthier lives.

So, where might you begin on this journey?

Healthier Employees Usually Means a Healthier Business

In striving to have the healthiest employees around, remember these pointers:

1. Incentives – Give your employees incentives to stay healthy. One of the more common ones that many employers offer is free admission to a fitness center. Whether at work or nearby, employees can go and do workouts during their lunch hours or before or after work. Along with the physical benefits, working out can also be a time for employee bonding. You might also consider having fitness pros come into your office on occasion for talks and more. Last, do you offer your employees any rewards for a perfect yearly attendance record? Those who take their health in a serious manner can get rewards as such. A perfect attendance record is nothing to sneeze at.

2. Research – Encourage your employees to take an active role in researching better health. If they do not already, remind them how valuable the Internet can be in learning more about how to stay healthy. For example, do you have a worker or two often dealing with chronic pain? Such pain can be the results of injuries that proved more serious than first thought. If so, there are different herbal remedies on the market that may help them. Whether they try kratom capsules or other remedies, do your best to have informed workers. You could ask them if they’d like to sign up for healthcare emails from various companies. You might also give a subscription to a health or fitness magazine of their choice. No matter how you go about it, have employees engaged in wanting to make themselves healthier.

3. Competitors – Take time to see what competitors do to strive for the healthiest places. You may get some insight when you hire away employees from the competition. They may provide you with info on how former bosses worked to make the healthiest workplaces.

If you feel as if health in the workplace is not a top priority, think about the financial fallout.

Even a handful of lost employee work time during the year can add up in a fast manner. When it does, your financial well-being can take a hit.

It is also a good idea as an employer that you set a positive example for your workers.

As an example, are you someone who is overweight or battling health issues? If so, how do you think that may reflect on your employees?

Among some areas for you to focus in on:

· Weight – If you’re quite overweight, work to curb that problem. Not only is it not a good example for others, it puts your health at risk.

· Smoking – If you smoke, do your best to stop that habit. Nothing good comes from it, especially if it encourages others in the office to do it.

· Exercise – What one step could lead employees to want to work out more than seeing their boss exercise?

In encouraging your employees to be healthier, make sure you weigh in on a regular basis.