Christopher Halajian Reveals the Best Places to Get Memorabilia from the New York Jets

The New York Jets seem to always be on the news, with people suggesting they are going to either lose the season or come back victorious and win the whole thing. This is precisely what Christopher Halajian likes about the Jets: the fact that they are unpredictable, but always good. And this is also why he believes everyone should own at least one piece of New York Jets memorabilia.

Christopher Halajian on New York Jets Memorabilia

If there were elections next Monday, Halajian would say that there wouldn’t be many candidates for sports team of the year, with only the Jets being of any interest. Being from the town of Southold himself, the Jets’ stadium was on his standard route to school and later work, and he even ended up purchasing his own estate near the stadium. Today, he gladly raises a drink with friends, fellow fans, opponents, and even the police to celebrate the successes of his favorite team.

So what about the memorabilia? A quick look at Halajian’s life will reveal footballs, photos, posters, flags, blankets, pillows, rugs, curtains, helmets, bumper stickers, t-shirts, socks, jackets, jerseys, and hats. All of those tend to be sold out by the time Christmas comes around again. Yet, in 1998, the year the Jets faced Denver at the AFC Championship, far fewer people were interested. Today, however, Jets merchandise is one of the best selling in the whole NFL. This is, according to Halajian, due to the true soul and spirit of the team.

In 2009, the Jets changed their logo, uniform, and color. They also shared the stadium with the New York Giants in that year. There were rumors that the team would even completely get rid of its name, merging with the Giants into a brand new team. Those rumors sent sales of Jets merchandise through the roof, something that Halajian took great advantage of. It turned out that the rumors were untrue and the Jets are still the Jets, but it certainly had people talking for a long time! There is always a fear that a team will change its background, something that the Jets haven’t done since 1968. Some other teams have done this in the past, and they ended up losing a huge fanbase as a result. Others became even more successful. Either way, the Jets, thankfully or not, decided not to go down that route.

Today, Jets merchandise is available through a variety of different sources. That said, it is important to make sure that it is genuine merchandise. Being spotted with a fake means facing the wrath of thousands of Jets fans. Additionally, it means taking money away from the club and its sponsors, putting it instead in the pockets of fraudsters who want to benefit from the success of this amazing team. Using genuine, authorized sources is the only way to be sure you get the real deal and if you do buy second hand, make sure you also get the receipt.