Bob Mims Memphis on How Golf and Business Go Hand in Hand

Business and golf are matches made in heaven. Any businessman has to play golf, or they won’t be taken seriously. Indeed, the number of deals that have been brokered on a Louisville golf course, for instance, is nothing short of shocking. According to Bob Mims Memphis is an equally great place to strike a deal while playing golf.

Bob Mims Memphis on Business on the Golf Course

According to Mims, numerous important deals are struck on the golf course, including:

  • Admissions to university in August.
  • News about the latest arrest and the implications of this for a business.
  • Setting up a new foundation.
  • Who recently got fired and hired.
  • The decisions made by the CFO and whether or not to stick to their latest guideline.
  • Writing a report on a new community.
  • Who has been cited for a steal or shoplift charge and other such gossip.

Clearly, it is about a lot more than swinging a few clubs around!

Why Is Golf Linked to Business?

There are numerous reasons why golf and business always seem to go together, including:

  • Golf is a game often reserved for people with a lot of money particularly in Europe. It is an expensive sport to take part in, even if someone only has to buy their clubs.
  • Golf is a difficult game. It takes a lot of time to learn to play it well, and a full game can easily take as much as five hours. Often, there are some factors included in this, such as a stop for lunch after playing nine holes, and having drinks on completion of the 18th hole.
  • You can drive a client around in a golf cart, which makes the entire experience more pleasurable and gives you the time to converse in private as well.
  • You can play and have a drink at the same time, providing you are not returning to work later.

Whether you agree with it or not, the corporate world loves to play golf. Any businessman will tell you that golf is a fantastic game and that it is their favorite thing to do in the world. Some are telling the truth. Others only say this because it is expected of them, since they don’t want to miss out on the next big business decision.

If you are in the world of business, therefore, you should consider learning how to play golf. Try, as much as possible, to reach a score of between 90 and 95 as well, so you don’t show yourself up as an amateur. Shoot over 100 and you will be remembered for all the wrong reasons! Also, make sure that you have to build relationships with your business partners and fellow golfers. Hence, while you have to be focused on the ball, you also have to be focused on what goes on around you and have a plan of action in place in terms of what you want to achieve and how.