Business Expansion and Relocation: The Ultimate Checklist

Few small business owners enter the realm of upper management without ambitions for bigger and better things. After all, we wouldn’t be capitalists if we didn’t want to get the most from our company. However, success can prove as difficult to manage in business as failure. Indeed, plenty of businesses thrive at the local level, but misstep horribly when looking to expand or relocate their company. The good news is, there are measures you can take to ensure that when the time comes to expand, you do so with alacrity and grace. Just remember to follow everything on this checklist here:

Take the Temperature

Choosing the right moment to add a new branch to your business is paramount to its success. Don’t get carried away with a good month or a dynamite deal –– the fastest way to cut into your profits and sink your operation entirely is to expand too much too quickly. Give due diligence to the process and listen to the advice of those around you.

Delegate and Collaborate

If your business is fortunate enough to be in a position to expand, then it’s likely due to the success of the company as a whole. Keep that in mind when you draw up plans for expansion. Leaving yourself too thin will not only compromise the new location, but jeopardize your current paradigm. Find talented people you trust to run your new branch, and give them the freedom to be creative. Work with them to improve your brand –– on a bigger better level.

Keep the Essentials in Mind

Are you a big-picture sort of person? Most small business owners are. They like to observe from a distance and see how things interact and operate from afar. However, if you’re going to pull off a successful relocation or expansion, you’ll need someone there to sweat the small stuff. Stocking must-have office equipment before you begin is vital to a smooth transition. Without the little things in order, big projects will never come to fruition.

Update and Upgrade

Expansion or relocation offers a business not only a chance to increase its footprint, but also an opportunity to perform better than ever before. So whether you choose to upgrade a functional item like a point of sale for pharmacies, or decide to introduce new menu choices for a restaurant, make it a priority to improve how you’ve done things in the past at your new locale. Your customers –– and your employees will appreciate the effort.

If it Ain’t Broke . . .

At the end of the day, your business has found a formula for success if you’re looking to expand. Always remember that and don’t abandon what’s worked in the past just because you’re eager to innovate. Of course, sprucing up your business is important, but sticking to a successful gameplan is sometimes the wisest course of action for a burgeoning company. Stay cognizant of that, and you’ll be well on your way soon enough.