Must-Have Equipment for Your Office

The right equipment is critical for an efficient office. It allows workers to perform their job more easily while promoting a more productive environment in the process. Whether you’re designing your company’s office from scratch or updating it, you should include the following equipment.

Ergonomic Chair

Every office worker needs an ergonomic chair. Statistics show the average office worker sits for nearly 10 hours a day. All of this sitting can take a toll on workers’ health, contributing to back pain and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). An ergonomic chair, however, protects workers from health problems such as these. Featuring adjustable armrests, an adjustable seat height and lower back cushioning, they provide office workers with a higher level of comfort and support.

Filing Cabinet

A filing cabinet is another must-have item for the office. Without it, your desk will become cluttered with paper and documents. Using a filing cabinet, you can easily store and manage important documents. Furthermore, many filing cabinets have a locking mechanism for added security. Regardless of what your business does, it will benefit from an office filing cabinet.

Paper Shredder

Crumbling up documents and tossing them in the trash is a serious mistake that could leave your business open to information theft and subsequent liability issues. There have been countless cases in which thieves have stolen sensitive information from companies by rummaging through their trash. Sometimes a thief will use this information for their own nefarious purpose while other times they may sell it on the black market. Regardless, a paper shredder can protect against information theft by completely destroying documents you no longer need.

External Hard Drive

Even if your computer has an internal hard drive, like most do, you should consider investing in an external hard drive for your office. External hard drives offer several benefits, one of which is data backups. If something happens to your computer — fire, flood, cyber-attack, etc. — you may lose important data. You can back up this data to an external hard drive, so in the event that your computer’s internal hard drive fails or is no longer accessible, you can restore your data.

Additionally, an external hard drive makes transferring large amounts of data between two devices a breeze. Transferring data is relatively easy over a wireless network, but it can take a while to transfer large amounts, especially if there’s a lot of traffic on the network. An external network streamlines the process to save time and energy.


Of course, another must-have item for the office is a printer. It’s not uncommon for office workers to print dozens or even hundreds of pages per day. When choosing a printer, though, you should consider the size of paper is uses. For drawings, A3 paper is recommended because it’s larger than A1 and A2 paper. There are a range of a3 printers from which to choose. Some of these printers even have other features like copying, scanning and faxing.

These are just a few key pieces of equipment for the office.