Methods Companies Use to Attract and Retain Talented Employees

Retaining talented employees is a common goal of all businesses. Companies need to be able to keep workers who know the process, rather than spending time recruiting and teaching new employees regularly. There are several methods for handling this that good companies utilize.



Implement Talent Management Software

There are many types of technology used to manage talent. Certain IT software, such as Halogen TalentSpace, Cornerstone, and Oracle, can help companies engage employees and inspire productivity. These software options work to keep all details related to employee performance organized. It allows businesses to see the data necessary to change goals, making them easier for workers to meet.

Enhance the Interview Process

Many companies fail to use the same interview process for each applicant. Some recruiters allow the interview to go off course, which can cause trouble in the long run. It is not about the person who can talk the most or who makes good conversation. The position should go to the person or people with the right qualifications. Businesses can enhance the interview process and ensure everyone is getting a fair shot by coming up with a set list of questions. Each of these questions should pertain particularly to the job, with every single applicant getting the chance to answer them.

Another necessary component to this is creating an interview scorecard. If the questions are answered well and the applicants seem to have a handle on the job duties required, they get a check on the scorecard. Meeting the right qualifications for education or experience also earns a mark on the scorecard. This ensures all employees meet the specific criteria the business originally set, and there are no deviations from the plan.

Utilize Recruiting Resources

Another technological component of the process is to utilize recruiting resources. There are a number of apps and other online resources available that can help companies keep employees around. Rapportive is one possibility. This resource allows recruiters to see a potential applicant’s LinkedIn profile. This Chrome extension can pinpoint the person’s email address so they can be reached out to directly. This can help companies out a great deal with the recruitment process, allowing them to find the specific type of employees they want to work with based on their credentials.

Offer Benefit Packages

In order to keep employees around, businesses should offer benefit packages. These packages need to be as beneficial to the employee as possible if they are going to be worthwhile. Medical benefits, vacation time, retirement plans, and more can be added to these packages. Employees are typically more willing to stick around with a company if they know they will receive a greater benefit from it than simply earning a paycheck. A paycheck can be earned anywhere, but benefits are not always easy to come by.

Reward Hard Work

While benefits should be given to each and every employee, extra rewards can be handed out to those who are going above and beyond their work duties. Employees that are performing well and being especially productive should receive some type of reward. This could be in the form of a monetary bonus, or simply recognition for the work they are doing. Praises can go a long way as a reward, as employees that feel appreciated are often more likely to continue performing well for the company.

With these methods in mind, more companies can attract and retain the employees they want for their business. Talented employees are not always easy to come by, meaning businesses should do what they can to keep the best people around. Enhancing the interview process, implementing talent management software, offering benefit packages, rewarding hard work,  and utilizing recruiting resources are surefire ways to get and keep talented workers working.